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Winning design #5 by endrove, Mobile App Design for Mobile weather app design Contest
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designed by endrove

Project description

I need a design for my ios and android app. Just one screen which display: city, weather and temperature for current day, and forecast for the next 3 days Thanks.

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  • The Description Is Not Clear enough in my opinion, when you say 1 screen, do you mean just a blank background with text for each section? and do you need any buttons needed too?
    • Hi, I mean, app should have only one screen with all information needed to users. also i need app icon and app launch image Thanks

  • Hi, you design is good. can you make different background for night ? and one more for winter/winter night Thanks
  • this design is good for android devices, it has an android style. but i need a design suitable for ios devices too.
  • Hi, I am very glad you like my design. Is there anything you want me to improve? #11 - the sunny background is stock image #13 - the night background is stockimage The others are mine
    • Hi, i think shadow under icons is definitely is not making good look. style of icons and background is too different. they did't conform to each other thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I submitted #19, #20, #21, #22 and #23. I will be glad to hear your oppinion

  • Dear CH, please check my design after your required changes i hope you like my idea thanks again appreciated feedback rating
  • Dear CH, please check my designs i hope you like my idea please appreciated feedback thanks
    • Hi, for now i mostly like #5, cause it has some eye-catching element in center, and background color is not distract from that element. at #16 bottom bar looks smaller than top bar, and 'refresh' button is too small. and following iOS HIG, top right button should be at top bar anyway, thanks.