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Winning design #28 by tabaagi, Mobile App Design for Wine Label Design - LOVE Contest
Gold Medal

designed by tabaagi

Project description

We need design for our new red wine label "LOVE". We would like for submitted labels to adhere to COLA standards but creative designers should not be discouraged from submitting proposals even if they are unfamiliar with COLA labeling rules; we can modify the labels for regulatory reasons. We do not want to stifle any creativity. Please submit your designs in a format that would allow us change / add necessary fields to the label if needed

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  • CH, What color bottle will the wine be in? Thanks.
  • I posted a note that no mockup allowed, that means no bottles, please read the comment area
  • This is a bit of a cartoony concept on the love part, please let me know what you think :)
  • #10 removed as requested "organic grapes" from #2, also slight adjustment. Coulours can changed. Thank-you for the opportunity
  • Hi! Thank you for submission. Is it possible for you to suggest different color or other variations for this label design?
  • LadeeArt, could you please adjust your submission by removing organic grapes statement? Thank you!
  • Hi! We like your design, however word LOVE has to be depicted within the heart shaped background, could you please adjust your design? Many Thanks!
  • mockups, that means no bottles. please read the brief, the contest holder has specific guidelines that need to be followed please look and read this COLA rules and guidelines need to be followed
  • Its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. Please upload a new design with just 1 label. No bottles, no color variations.
  • DESIGNERS - use comment box to explain your concept. Any other type of comments will be removed. Thank you - DC Staff
  • Added Organic Grapes, not sure if that is correct. All vector made/png Thank-you
  • #1 Dear EVOT I am showing this one just to know if you are looking for something like this or something completely different. If you like this one, I can make changes. Include some colour, other lettering, etc. Thanks
  • Hi, Word LOVE must be in a heart shaped background. Thank you
  • Dear CH, My entries are #65 and #66 Best regards
  • a new revision
  • thanx for feedback.. here is my revision...
  • Hi, we really like the way you displayed ward love. it looks good and unique. However for the trademark reasons word LOVE must be within heart shaped background. Is it possible to adjust your label?
  • Hi, Please note that the word LOVE has to be depicted in the heart shaped background. Thank you
  • Hello, Not sure if the color of the label would work for red wine.
  • Hello, please note that the word LOVE needs to be emphasized, not EVOT. Thank you!