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This was my first experience with using virtual designers. it was a good experience as it connects you to designers all across the globe-each giving a different perspective on your vision. I also like having the security of a neutral entity like design contest that it there to protect both the buyer and the designer. I will definitely use this service again for future projects!

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Winning design #20 by oxydes, Mobile Website Design for All About the Poo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by oxydes

Project description

Need a upscale, creative and eye catching website for an e-commerce retail store that sells designer like dog clothing and accessories.  My clientele are high income dog owners of toy or designer dogs. They love to spend money on getting the best of everything for their pooches.  My website need to reflect that I understand their taste.  My inventory line will include designer clothing (coats, jackets, sweaters, dresses, snowsuits, booties, t-shirts, polo shirts, rainwear, sleepwear,) Accessories will include: jewelry, collars, leashes, barrettes, bandanas and travel carriers.  

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  • About #25, @immu . Thanks for your comments about your design strategy. I agree with most of your points. I like the purple color and the layout of the graphics. However, I liek to see the company name more prominent
    • About #25, @vtraore1
      I agree with your point, brand identity is the most significant element.

      As the contest was for webdesign I used a sample logo (as a place-holder). I will design a professional logo in next step.

      As the contest has expired, I can't submit more design concepts, however I can submit more concepts in finalization (Next step).

      Thanks & Regards,

  • About #27, @DigitalCrush. I love the concept but my dogs are designer dogs and this business is to a niche clientele of owners that spend a great deal of money on their little dogs.
    • @vtraore1 Can you please consider extending the contest, so it will give me some extra time to showcase my creativity? I should not say this but most of the designs submitted here are nowhere near professional.

  • About #24, @artrebirth. Thanks for your submission. I don't think you've captured the concept I was searching for.
  • About #28, @boshy_messi This is a cute image but not what' I'm looking for. I want a more posh, high luxury feel as I'm selling to an elite clientele. Thanks for your submission
  • Menu style for index 01 #26
  • Dear vtraore1,
    #25 is what I recommend for 'All about the poo!', It's highly Professional, neat, clean and responsive.
    Logo and images are just place holders, you can replace them with your own images.

    When a user lands in eCommerce website the main factors he/she looks at Price, rating and best selling products, which I have included in this layut

    Color combinations are choosen such that, they look royal and don't hurt user eyes.

    *fonts used are Google fonts, to help appear your website in Google.
    *I recommend you to code this layout in wordpress script (20% of internet uses wordpress)
    *Let me tell you, I can also code this design to wordpress theme.

    Please let me know, if you need any changes.
    Thanks & Regards,
  • About #3, @redstudio

    I really like this version the best. this is page one of the website. how would a page 2 look like after they select the category? And how would the check out page look like? I see a total of 3 pages: Page 1 - Home Page Page 2: description/order page Page 3: check out page. I do like this very much! I'm just waiting on a few more entries to come through. I don't have a logo yet. that will be another contest I will create.
    • About #3, @vtraore1 Thanks for your feedback, I will be sure to apply your suggestions - you should see revisions by Saturday.

    • @vtraore1 hi i just wanted to apologize for not getting back to you. Ive been crazy busy with other projects but it was unprofessional of me to leave you hanging. Looks like you've got some great options so I'm glad to see you're taken care of :) have a gr8 day!

  • Hello vtraore1, please go through my design let me know if you want any changes to it. The layout is clean, professional and 100% responsive. I added a simple text on the top and it will be replaced by the logo. I added a couple of extra categories and they can be removed if you think you won't cover them. I highly recommend you to go with wordpress. If you are interested in coding services, I can also code and make the website live. Please review the design, so I can make it perfect design which meets your needs. Thank you. #21
  • Hello, I am working on your project and will submit my first design in next few hours. I see the project ends in 2 days and 6 hours. Please don't decide on the winner before that. Thank you.
  • Removed :) #20
  • Remove designer. Just use Clothing #19
  • Dear vtraore1,
    I have started designing your layout, can you please make the contest blind.

    This way you get different design concepts and other designers don't copy each other layout.

    Thanks & Regards,
  • Can you make the purple darker. Also I like to have the company name moRe like a royal look type font and some type of emblem. You Know like the dogs are royalty and this is website for owners who think there dogs need to look and be treated like royalty and luxury. You're getting close to my actual vision so it may take a few more tweaks until I'm truly satisfied. #18
  • Hello
    Sir please suggestion me which mistek i will do in my design please reply me
  • Hello
    Sir please suggestion me which mistek i will do in my design please reply me
  • Hello
    Sir please suggestion me which mistek i will do in my design please reply me
  • Hi! I made all changes. If you like it more I will make the second page in such colors. #18
  • Hi! I made all changes. If you like it more I will make the second page in such colors. #17
  • Change this black color to match the new purple banner #12
  • Change this color to match with the new purple banner #12