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Ceres8 designs and manufactures women's active wear and yoga wear clothes. We want to design sneakers for women and donate all the profits to impoverish girls. I want an illustration that can be printed on the shoe that highlights the condition of these girls in subtle way and Ceres8 logo on the back of the shoe. All proceeds will go to non profit organizations.

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  • Hello I hop you are good .please find the attachment
    Thanks you #15
  • hope you like #8 any suggestion are welcome
  • Sorry for my this comment. Actually i don't realize what you want.i'm giving this sample work.if i running right trace please give me your opinion. Maybe i give you some attractive work.Thanks in advance. #11
  • Hi... i just wanted to add that i put a mock logo onto the design as i wanted the logo to be a part of it but there was no logo attached to the brief so its just an example of where i think the logo would fit well.. i can move it or remove it.
  • Hello! You could attach your logo to the brief?
  • I am not looking to design my logo. I am looking for illustration on impoverished women that can be printed on sneakers. I have existing Ceres8 logo that will be used. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding #2