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Project description

Spefel is a skateboard shoes brand
we need to develop three diferents shoe tag.
in the files are some references and after the ai documents are some of our shoes in vector and some photos.
2017 it will be 6 new models.

1 label - external label
option a - 1cm x 1cm
             b - not longer that 2.5 cm

2 label - tongue label

3 label (special label)  - This label will ensure the originality of our product.
It will be hidden in all brand products t-shirts, shoes, hats
Is small and can be worked in strong colors, florecentes and gradients

directions- all of our logos are in the .ai file

You can choose any variation or combination.
only in the special label must be spefel and spef .
you can use any combination of colors also .

thank you all
 anxious for awesome jobs

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  • Dear Sir,
    another option
    Thanks #10
  • hope you like this sir , i can put this design to the shoe mockup if you want , and i can show the shoe look ..
    please rate and give a feedback. thanks :) #9
  • Dear CH,
    Please check my design
    Thanks #5
  • Here is another idea for a "certified" product design. Just a little something I came up with, let me know what you think! :) #2
  • Hello! Please let me know what you think, I'm always open for edits and to directly work with you if needed. Thank you for the contest, and have a good day! #1
  • Hello! I am working on a design and I should have it submitted within a day. Thank you for the contest!
  • Hi @anitapriolli ,
    I'm very interested in this contest, however I am slightly unclear on what you're looking for.

    Where on the shoe is the 1cm external label going to be? What is its intended purpose: a branding symbol for your products or something else?

    I understand the 2nd label you would like, the tongue label seems straightforward: design a label for the tongue of the shoe. Decorative and Branded.

    I am also unclear about the 3rd, special label. You said it will be hidden in all brand products and that it can use any color scheme: Do you mean as a removable tag or one that is printed on the inside of a shoe, a t-shirt, etc.

    Any more details about the functions, locations, and design purposes of these labels would help a ton.

    Thank you!!