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Winning design #56 by jojo_cumi, Other Clothing Design for Mr.U Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jojo_cumi

Project description

Prints development for men underwear:
6 different prints for 3 collections:
- 1 Noel print
- 2 Surfer prints
- 3 Camo prints
To deliver:
- pattern in a file format fit for the manufacturer to print
- application on final products respecting volumes and making it look as real as possible 

In the attached file you will find more details and references, plus the products to apply the prints. To see the current brand catalogue for guideline please visit

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Best;

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  • Hello! I really loke this proposal, but in order to choose you I would need to see something for the rest of the collections. Do you think you could send me somthing before the contest is over? Thanks! #63
    • 7AW

      Hi @c980294 unfortunately, I was late to send another collection because the contest ended. If you plan to add a little time to your contest, I will immediately send another design, please. Thank you,

  • if you don't like my another entry you can illuminate my entry,, thank you,, hope you give more feedback
    • @7kinds Hello! I really appreciate all the effort you are putting into the desings. I really like your camo proposals, but you are not really giving me the Surfer vibe withe the waves and wales designs. Would you like to try something else? It needs to be more colourful, tropical as cool as possible as well!

  • About #33, @trisna_icirohiro Hi! I really like this version of the camo print. But I would need to see some proposals por Surfer and Xmas collections to be able to make a decision. Best!
  • hello contest holder can you please check my entry,, thank you
  • About #41, @jojo_cumi The flamingos look quite cool. On the pink version, don't you think that maybe orange or blue could be better options, maybe the pink is a bit too girly. And I would go bolder on the green and light blue shades of the other option. And I would also make the print even smaller. Thanks a lot!
    • @c980294 I submitted new preview for this also.

  • Much better! But still I would like to use a cleaner silhouette for the deer. Could you please use something like the deer that's on the brief? Thanks! #39
    • @c980294 I submittes a new one..please check. Thanks.

  • About #21, @pojasvelly27 Ok mam, thanks for the reply.
  • how about this contest holder #47
    • @7kinds really nice too. I would tone it down a bit still, to lighter shades of blue. Thanks!!!

  • Yes! This is great. Thanks! #44
    • @c980294 pk i will try to another color keep online

  • how about this,, #44
  • Hello! Thanks very much for participating.
    I like the flamenco's prints, but I would have more contraste between the black of the flamencos and would make the leaves more bright. Could you pls make this adjustment? #32
  • Hi! I like your deer christmas proposal, I just need it to be red. And I would also like it to be more schematic. With less detailing, more cool. Could you please make this adjustment? Thanks! #31
    • @c980294 hii could you explain me whats is schematic like?

  • Hi! These don't really fit any of my requests. Best! #16
  • Hi! These are really nice leaves, but I would like the print on the boxer to be smaller, could you maje the adjustment so I can see how it looks? Thanks! #15
  • Hi! Thanks a lot for participating. Although i appreciate that you are trying to propose something new for the camo print, I would rather have a more traditional shape. Thanks! #7
  • Hi! Really cool porposal, but this is not exactly surfer, it's more a pirate boat. Maybe you could change the colors and the boat for a surfer? Thanks! #21
  • Hello! Thanks for your proposal, in general I would like the prints to be softer. Could you tone down the colors so there's less contrast among them?
    Thanks! #35
  • camo#2 #34
  • camo #1 #33
  • My original collection - 11 design -
    3 Camo patterns
    3 black lines patterns " can gradient overlay or color overlay "
    1 water texture pattern
    2 watercolor leaves pattern
    2 illustration designs
    i can change or edit anything that you want
    waiting for your feedback :) #17