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Winning design #68 by erwinubaldo87, Other Clothing Design for Warp Zonez Contest
Gold Medal

designed by erwinubaldo87

Project description

The design would be a T-shirts and other articles of clothing. We want a design that reflects on the movie The Craft. Thought along the lines of something with a rose compass that has the names of the four members corresponding with their directions. In the movie they also mention the elements associated with their direction so open to a play on that in the design. Explore ideas of the rose compass branching out or having more than one layer.  Below are their names with their directions and I attached a picture of a Rose Compass for reference. The Rose compass can have extra detail.

Nancy - East
Bonnie - South
Rochelle - West
Sarah - North

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  • my t shirt design #74
  • here is another alternate version---i think this is much better, with sun at the center...and moons between each names, also adding more details on the rose compass.. #65
  • hi..here is the design--SUN added at the center----and moons in different quarters in bettween the names...thanks #61
  • hi..CH.., here is a clean and nice design---. check out closely the middle part "THE CRAFT" is written on it in subtle way..., please ask for changes...so we can make this a great design..thanks #52
    • @erwinubaldo87 Thank you for your design. I like The Craft written in the middle. Could I see added elements like the sun and the moon?

    • @WarpZonez alright--i'll try...wait for my next entry..thanks

  • T- Shirt design with compass #60
  • Hi sir
    if you like my design you can contact me if you want a revision #39
    • @LogoDropp Thank you for the design. I like the inner rings and how the center looks like a sun.

    • @WarpZonez Thank you, sir, for seeing my design Is my design the way you want it? If there are some that you want to add, you can contact me, sir, I will move it to fix thank you

  • hi! this is my proposal design for your contest, based on your brief, I find some similar font style from the movie and have not similar format of "north" on compass... also put the north-east to indicate which is the north. I hope and pray you like it. have a blessed day! #48
    • @dandanpahati Thank you for your design. I like the idea of using the font from the movie

  • this is my complicated design for the 4 names that you went it, thank you #42
    • @hmddesign Thank you for your design really liking the complicated style

  • Hi sir
    if you like my design you can contact me if you want a revision #40
  • Can you remove the Warp Zonez on it? #10
    • @WarpZonez Of course. and I lost Bonnie)))

  • О дизайне #10, @olgert
  • Hi Warp Zonez tel me how i am design your i am trying my best and this is my some work for you #......