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Winning design #40 by aymansolomon_fx, Other Product Design for    aerosol can design Contest
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designed by aymansolomon_fx

Project description

Our product  is  waterproof  spray .

Uses include but are not limited to sneakers,shoes,backpacks ,Ladies boots,cloth sofa.

After the spray, the surface produces a superhydrophobic effect that keeps your items dry and clean

The package is a  aerosol can,We tend to use silver aluminum cans, because it looks cool. tinplate cans are also considered in the range.But the visual effect is not better than aluminum can.

 I've inclided the text that need to be shown on the can in the file,please make sure the concept of 160° stand out on your design,as our product will be branded as  dropguard 160,160° is the contact angle of the water droplets

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  • can you make this part Aligned ? #40
    • @dropguard I can't upload any previews now but we can make make those changes in finalization step with full color schemes, etc. :) I'm so glad anyway that you liked it

  • This can be used as the final version,after you add the red label again,i will choose this version as the winner.And,can you change some other colors ? We need to refer to some other coloring scheme. #40
  • I mean keep the red label,that's cool. #40
  • Hope you like it, it became much cooler now. #40
  • Because the 160 is taller now ,this part of the number 6 needs to move down a little . #39
  • T prefer the red color,but,after modification,we can try some other colors ,thanks. #39
  • Try to use the circle,let's see which one is better. #39
  • In order to save space,the 160 can be shorter than the front side. #39
  • make it black,and don't need the exclamation mark #39
  • Please make these icons in the same direction,point to the left. #39
  • Use this icon #39
  • Use this icon #39
  • Sorry,i think the thicker one is better,and please try another version,try to remove the “°” #39
  • The website #39
  • Here's the result!
    hope you like it #39
  • Try other types of lines? #38
  • Ok no problem at all About #38, @aymansolomon_fx
  • Sorry , the trademark changged ,you can use the #68 as the logo (lotus logo design contest) #38
  • After the other changes, the space here will become larger,so you can make this part taller,the 160° can be exposed more. #38
  • Turn this thin line into red? #38