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Winning design #73 by Wonderlalla, Other Product Design for blendSMART Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Wonderlalla

Project description


blendSMART, the first rotating makeup brush, is preparing for a holiday makeover and we need your creative help. This new design for our makeup brush applicator will be featured on Sephora US, Sephora EU and many prestigious beauty stores.

Currently, our brush is sold in a clean, modern high gloss black, but we want our limited-edition design to feature color and a smart, cool, sophisticated and attractive message

Please visit our website and to learn about the brand.

Please add elements of this color family:

 Pantone: 698 C, 691 U, 9261 C

there will also be silver accents on the brush caps. 

However, you can go “big” with these colors or just add a splash. You decide.  


We are open to any ideas and please have fun. Thank you for helping us expand the spinning revolution.



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  • Could you remove the 360 spin and add more pink splotches? #30
    • @alicja Hi...please check the revision #70 #71 #72 #75..thank you

  • Hi there,
    Please see the brush in pink fading into white as requested. I can make the scales more prominent if you like or the colours lighter. Just a out of curiosity are there any flat dimensions or designs of the handle? Photoshopping onto an existing image is great but makes the design slightly more complicated. #68
  • Do you think you could make this with pink to white gradient? #51
    • About #51, @alicja Hi there, yes sure. I'll start working on it and post it. It will take a day or two.

  • Could you make the actual brush white and keep the cheetah print in the back. Also, extend it all the way down the cap :) #46
  • Hello! We really like this one. However, the color is a little too dark. Could you do something with the color provided in the background. I can see a gradient effect looking good. #62
    • @alicja Could you also make the all black background one with the makeup in silver?

  • I hope you like my design.
    I provide the details of the floral print as well, and the brush will be like the base color to make it look more cheerfull.

    Best regards,

    Fuurinkazan #59
  • Something a bit daring. But was thinking of how mermaid tail blend and used fantasy colours. #51
    • About #51, @morgane_norval very cool!

  • Feminine "Space" graphic, trendy and hipster look for the product. I loved how the space seems a palette of makeup. I wait for feedbacks for know in which direction i should go! #22
    • @Wonderlalla Hello! We love this one and the geometrical shapes!

    • @alicja Thank you! :) Should I try in other colors as well? I would be happy to do them if you need

    • About #22, @Wonderlalla No need! We like it the way it is :)

  • Hi contest holder, good everyday
    This is my design for your project, please take a look, if any input or feedback is welcomed #15
    • @epaper Hello, unfortunately this is not what we are looking for. We are looking for a new design to be printed on our handles. Not a new handle shape.

    • @alicja Ok, I'll try it again

    • @alicja Ok, I'll try it again

  • Hello...please check out my entry #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 and tell me what do you think..thanks
  • Geometrical and modern look for the BlendSmart. Minimal and geometrical look perfect for a limited edition. Pink gradient #24
  • Geometrical and modern look for the BlendSmart. Minimal and geometrical look perfect for a limited edition. #23
  • Elegant and feminine Pattern based on geometrical shapes and modern metal reflections. The color gradient is based on the pantone in the description, but could work with any. Hope you like as i do! #21
  • hi contest holder, @alicja , kindly inform us what kind of design are you expecting.. flyer, logo, or ?
    • @ahmadshaleh we would like to see the design on the handle itself. You can find the handle on the links provided.