Dog's Little Acre

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Want a clean sign for our unique dog business. This is for a sign on the street. I do like the current logos that have a dog in the word dog by using negative space and welcome more like them but im hoping somebody will come up with something beautiful as well. I want the sign to be artistic as we will be offering artwork that features dogs. I want the sign to be rustic and I have posted a picture of the base the sign will be sitting on. I want the sign to have The name of the Business (Dog's Little Acre....with a capital D) and the website( and the services we provide ( Grooming, Training, Gourmet Treats & Unique Gifts) in that order

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  • I didn't add your website address.. but if you would want me to then let me know. #360
  • If any changes is needed in any of my design, I will be happy to do so... Thanks #354
  • this is a original logo no copy rights #344
  • I have included few elements of your services to make it look interesting. #342
  • Bold and beautiful design suitable for sign board to be visible form far. #341
  • Dog's little acre logo #340
  • this is perfect #337
  • new mordan desining for company and bissnes logo #331
  • Beautiful classy yet modern design. It totaly fulfill the requirements of the company. #328
  • the design fo very good loking #329
  • The design is new, simple, elegant and very attractive. It show artistic aspect as well. Hope you liked the concept. #328
  • This design is simple yet unique in itself. It has Attractive, modern and classy look. #327
  • ok bay #322
  • Dog skirt #321
  • ok #320
  • Very catchy and attractive design that highlights the service provided by company. Easy to understand and simple. Can be read in one go. #317
  • This design for sign is bold, unique, and best suited as per requirements #317
  • When we talk about business its not only profit but the ease to the customer, the comfort given, this logo shows the comfort of the dog and gives a reflection how the dogs will be treated they are at home. The logo visualizes it all. #315
  • My new design #314
  • @dogacre. thought I try a round sign #313