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Winning design #168 by sunface, Other Product Design for Fayer Home Team of Fathom Realty - Real Estate For Sale Sign Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sunface

Project description

*If needed, I can upload .eps, .ai, .png, or .pdf versions of the logo.
*Please make sure to include "Of Fathom Realty MD" by the logo somewhere. This should be approximately the same size as the logo font.
*Please add a Equal Housing Opportunity logo and a "®" somewhere. Both can and should be small.   
*Words "FOR SALE" do not necessarily need to be on logo. Can be left off it it makes it look better. Also uploading example our company currently uses. Does not need to follow, for example only. We will have picture separately on top so no face pictures need to be on sign.

Size can be around 28 width x 20height or 30x18. Could be slightly adjusted if needed based on design.

We need to design a new For Sale sign that will be put up in front of people's houses that we will be selling. It will be hanging off a wooden post.
The sign needs to include our Logo on it(attached 2 versions of logo) along with " Of Fathom Realty MD" somewhere near or under the logo. It must also have an equal opportunity symbol somewhere (can be small) to meet our state guidelines.

Open to Creative Ideas or just a nicely designed For Sale sign. 

Other information to include
Office # : 410-874-8111
Website : fayerhomes.com
Facebook : facebook.com/fayerhomes
Email : fayerhomes@gmail.com

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  • On both this and #167, could you please remove the "FOR SALE" and make everything else larger, including the font. Can even make the phone number slightly smaller as well to help. Also you can completely get rid of the logo that is on the top right corner.
    Finally, could you please make the font of "Fathom Realty MD" and the social media links a different color so they are easier to read (only on the black background one). Thanks! #167
    • @firejr Dear sir, thanks for your feedback, I have made the changes, please check 2 versions #197 and #198 only change sizes and I hope you like.

  • icons kittle bigger & phone # email ...font change #194
  • Could you try making a different version of this sign with background colors being switched. Black and White area's made the other way. (White in middle, black top and bottom? ) #125
    • @firejr Dear sir, thanks for feedback i have make the changes done please check 2 version only change FORSALE color i hope you like.

  • clean, beautiful, attractive, fast and easy communication. What's your opinion? #164
  • Your thoughts on my new layout is welcome. Thank you #157
  • About #153, @RoyGBiv

    Hi Fayer Team,
    Here is the latest revision with the suggested changes. Please let me know if I am heading in the right direction with this or if you would like to see further changes. Thank you!
  • Clean design with white border, and key ornament, please review #152
  • Modification for my previous design #133, for this design i made more clear than before, and logo bigger, please review #151
  • My modification from my previous design #140 make logo bigger and adding for sale badges, please review #150
  • Could you make the logo including "of Fathom Realty MD" larger.
    You can also make the phone number slightly smaller probably.

    Thanks! #146
  • About #146, @RoyGBiv

    Hi Fayer Team,
    I created more concepts using portrait sized 20" x 28". Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement. Thank you!
  • About #141, @RoyGBiv

    Hi Fayer Team,
    Thank you for the feedback. I made the suggested changes and scaled the signs to actual size (30" x 18"). Please let me know if you would like to see any further changes. Thank you!
  • @firejr please review my other design #140
  • with silver shadows #139
  • with golden shadows #138
  • Hope you like it and please tell me if you need anything more,

    Thanks, #137
  • Hope you like it and please tell me if you need anything more,

    Thanks, #136
  • Hope you like it and please tell me if you need anything more,

    Thanks, #135
  • Please check this and tell me if you need anything more,
    Thanks, #134