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I'm looking for a user friendly, easy to use draft list for my craft beer centric neighborhood bar. Seems like a simple task but I don't like any design I or my partners come up with. It's GOT to be user friendly. We'll likely update and print 5-7 times per week and we can't take time to format when text length for new beers isn't the same as the last. It's got to be pliable but sturdy. Kind of like an artistic Excel spreadsheet (maybe it actually is?) but doesn't look like excel. Maybe it's an excel spreadsheet that lives in a pdf? 

Here's what is must have-
Categories- (examples)
IPA's/Double IPA's
Brown Ales
Wild Ales

HH Price

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  • MvE
    My design for the contest.

    I can deliver you this in PDF/DOCX(word) so it's easily editable. This design has a transparent background (less ink usage when printed regularly) #27
    • @MvE Is there a way to make this an excel file within the document so you can keep the design element but also lock the excel portion so my staff doesn't destroy the integrity?

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      @kenny_casciato Yes, I can just export it from PDF to DOCX or PDF to EXCEL or have an EXCEL document within the PDF.

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      @kenny_casciato I'm creating a PDF right now with an excel sheet embedded into it. That way the header and footer are locked. And when you edit the data in the excel sheet, it's can be linked and edited automatically within the PDF. Will probably take another hour or so, and I'll upload it to a server so you can see the results. Greets

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      @kenny_casciato Here you can see the different kinds of formats. It is possible to have a PDF auto-update. But it requires a set-up on your own system to do this continuously.

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    Version 3 #29
  • MvE
    Alternative Version #28
  • Dear @kenny_casciato! I posted updated entries without colorful background. Check them please and feel free to let me know which version do you prefer.
    Kindest regards
  • Please check my design. #18
  • unique and different design i hope you like it......need feedback #17
  • unique and different design i hope you like it......need feedback #16
  • Made in EXCELL, very easy to use! #10
  • Hi, dear @kenny_casciato!
    Check pkease my entry #5. It's in Excel, all fonts I used are free for commercial use so you can easily change all the info by yourself!
    Feel free to comment!
    P.S. there are tiny octopuses as a background pattern =)
    • @Anastasiia how will this look on normal printer paper?

    • @kenny_casciato You can check it in entries #8 and #9 (horizontal and vertical versions). It's standard letter size paper. Also you can choose to print or not the empty lines.

  • Is that similar to what you looking for? I was made it in EXCEL, so, it is very easy to use. #1
    • @Asiral I think this is a good start but the colors a little dreary. Also, that logo isn't our colors or design any longer. We've changed to livelier octopus with better color.

  • about #4

    i tried photoshop and then made the excel version #4
    please tell me if there is anything i can revise . thx :)
    the preview is pretty blur and i recommend viewing the design full.
    • @timtan.3311 I like this design but it might end up taking up too much space and also might be hard to read.