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My experience was average as one seller provided an image that was already copyrighted so I am not sure if I will ever use the service again.

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Winning design #21 by setyalegawa, Other Product Design for Juan Sánchez Contest
Gold Medal

designed by setyalegawa

Project description

I need a 3000x3000 artwork for my new music album that will be released in digital format only.

I do not have a clear idea of the design so below there's a link to listen to the music from the album on Soundcloud so every designer is free to create whatever this music inspires to them:


The title of the album is "Rebirth" and the artist name is Juan Sánchez

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  • A variant of my previous design. I chose a subtle font to enhance the smooth tune of your music. #71
  • This is my 2nd alternative for you. The concept is rebirth it self, a phase where you lift yourself from the previous you into a clearer soul, a new and refreshed personality. I made this as a more minimalist and clean design which goes well with your tune. Hope you like it! #70
  • Hai, there Juan! This is my first design for you. I feel calm when listening to your music, so this is what came into my mind, a pure and calm water, very soothing and clear. Hope you like it! #69
  • When think of rebirth I think of space, the universe where it all started and that is what I depicted for your album cover. #60 #59 #57
  • good ambient visual music #46
  • Hello, out of curiosity, there is covert art for every track on your soundclud library, the rebirth one is not half bad, what you dont like about it and why it doesn´t fell appropriate to you?
  • Feed back helps improve the work. Kindly feedback please. Thanks #33
  • Same thing here, I will write the description both in spanish and english:


    Tras escuchar un par de veces más el disco, me vino a la cabeza esa especie de medusas que, en vez de morir, revierten a su estado de pólipo y luego vuelven a vivir su vida, teniendo así técnicamente un renacer que lleva a una vida eterna, de modo que decidí hacer una segunda versión del diseño incluyendo una medusa. Por desgracia no encontré ninguna foto de esa especie en concreto que fuera de libre utilización, pero escogí una que sí que fuera lo más parecida posible.

    Esta vez le añadí un fondo a la imagen para que el marco se pudiera apreciar.

    ¡De nuevo, espero que te guste!


    After giving it a couple more listens to your album, I started thinking of the jellyfish species that, insted of dying, they revert to their basic state and live their whole life again, thus having technically a rebirth and an eternal life, so I decided to make a second version including a jellyfish. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of the specific species that was royalty-free, so I chose a picture that was as similar as possible.

    This time, I added a background to the image, so that the frame of the design could be appreciated.

    Again, I hope you like it! #29
  • my design inspired from your music, i love it very much !!.
    even if you choose my design or someone else i hope you good luck :)
    waiting for your feedback . #28
    • @mazenshehab Thanks, I am glad you like the music!

  • Rebirth #27
  • Since the contestant is from my country, I will post the description both in spanish and in english.


    Tras escuchar unas 5 veces el álbum sobre el que se trabaja (el cual por cierto permíteme decir que es precioso) conseguí la inspiración necesaria para poder diseñar y entregar este trabajo. En caso de escogerme a mí, que sepas que estaré a tu disposición para lo que se necesite.

    La foto (cuya autora es Sharon McCutcheon), la obtuve de Unsplash, por lo cual sus derechos son de libre acceso.

    Espero que te guste.


    After giving it some thorough 5 listens to the album (which, might I add, is absolutely great), I got the necessary inspiration to be able to pay homage, and here it is. Should you pick me, know that I will be at your disposal.

    The picture, taken by Sharon McCutcheon, was obtained in Unsplash, hence their rights are royalty-free.

    I hope you like it. #12
    • @localmandesigns Hola, gracias por tu mensaje. Me alegro de que te guste la música de este album.

  • About #23, @setyalegawa Thanks for making these designs, I will check them out.
  • About #4, @oliver_christensen8641 I was going to choose your design but today I have received a message from a person telling me that this design is already used for this CD: https://music.apple.com/mx/album/synthesis/1469084712

    Do you have the right to use this image?
  • Juan Sánchez #17
  • Can you write what you would like to see on the cover?
    • @iboginich I already did it in the brief but here it is: TITLE: Rebirth ARTIST: Juan Sánchez

    • @juansanchez1 It's clear. I mean the idea of the cover itself

    • @iboginich I do not have any specific idea so feel free to listen to the music on Soundcloud and create something that the music inspires to. I like something minimalist thought.

    • @iboginich I do not have any specific idea so feel free to listen to the music on Soundcloud and create something that the music inspires to. I like something minimalist thought.

    • @juansanchez1 Thank you!

  • About #12, @localmandesigns

    Por favor, para ver este diseño, ve a la imagen a tamaño completo, ya que si no hay un marco blanco que pasa desapercibido por el fondo de la página.


    In order to appreciate the design, please view the full size image, since there is a white contour that can be missed with the webpage background
  • Already used for a cd cover, check by yourself:
    https://music.apple.com/mx/album/synthesis/1469084712 #4
  • @juansanchez1
  • abstract with phoenix symbol of rebirth #6
  • dear sir/madam
    this is our concept for your cover design
    if any suggestion please feedback me
    thank you

    best regard
    adam #5