Math Study Card Template Needs Redesign!

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Winning design #59 by jcolleen, Other Product Design for Math Study Card Template Needs Redesign! Contest
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designed by jcolleen

Project description

I am working on creating a template for math study card game that needs a better design.  The template numbers must be editable so I can create multiple math cards from one template. 

Attached is the example of the simple version.  Please create the design template using the numbers on the example.

This will be used by kids ages 7-10 years old so it needs to be fun but simple and easy to read. I don't want it too busy, but needs to look fun!  I have seen some with colors around the boarder edges, looked nice.

Size should be in 2.5 x 3.5 (standard playing card size).

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  • Also do you have a skype account? Please message me so I can tell you furhter what I am looking for.
    skype - mikewill949 #59
    • @mikewilliams949 I'll upload a mockup of the changes shortly. I've also added you on skype so we can discuss this project further.

    • @mikewilliams949 I sent you an updated template of the study cards via Skype. Please let me know if you received them. Thanks!

  • this looks nice, can you skype me 'mikewill949' to further discuss. I want to make a few changes to see if we can make this work. #55
    • About #55, @mikewilliams949 Apologies, I've been very busy. Thank you for your feedback, we can definitely do some minor changes, I will add you as soon as possible.

      All the best.

  • can you add some bigger numbers (high transparency) in the background? Also add a small horizontal line in the middle to separate the 2 sides. #59
  • A preview of numbers/equations in case you prefer them all to be the same font colour. #60
  • A set of study cards that come in different colours (flat/matte versions of the colours of a rainbow) with a playful numbers pattern on each card. The pattern is transparent and limited to the border on the side with equations to keep the focus on the equations/numbers themselves.

    Hope you like it! Do let me know if there are any changes you would like to see made. #59
  • Hello. dear @mikewilliams949! Please take a look at my entries #56 and #57. Any feedback from you would be great! Thank you and best regards
  • A reviewed design, with fun decorative numbers on the background. #55
  • A reviewed design, adjusted to be simple and minimal. #54
  • Hi! How are you? This is my first design for this project. Let me know what you think! :).

    Kind Regards,
    Magalí Torres
  • these look nice, can you take the images off... and try a few other designs like this? #44
    • About #44, @mikewilliams949
      Certainty. I'll remove the illustrations and background circles.

  • I like the numbers in the background can you try this with other fonts and colors. #31
  • these look nice, can you take the images off... and try a few other designs like this? #45
  • Another demonstration of my approach to this these cards, they are playful while focusing on math in a fun and simple way. #45
  • A fun and simple design with completely editable Photoshop and Illustrator files included. #44
  • can you make it more modern.. this looks like from 1990's #33
  • Please look at some of the game here... This is the professional look I am looking for: "'" #15
    • @mikewilliams949, thank you for feedback and rating, this is my new design #33

  • Can you try some hand written fonts? I like the white boarder on this! #30
  • This background is too busy. #30
  • This background is too busy. #30
  • I dont really like the cloud boarders, can you try something cleaner? #30