Need Product design ideas for Kids stationary Products

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Project description


We are launching a new kids stationary products company which is going to introduce a new brand  in the kids world. We are in need of creative design ideas for kids stationary products like pencil  cases back packs(bags), Water bottles, etc...which should attract the kids with the age between 4 to  15 years.

Initially, We are going to release the following products in to the market which require exclusive  designs.

1.    Pencil Cases

2.    Back Packs  ( bags)

3.    water bottle

Key points:

  • The target Audience is the children (boys and girls) with the age between 4 to 15 years

  • Products are going to be sold online in various countries, So try to create design which will attract global audience.

  • Selection and creation of Design components such as Colours, Fonts, shapes, Size and composition should be keeping target audience age and gender in mind. The product should immediately grab the attention of the buyers (kids/parents).

  • You can implement cartoon characters, illustrations and phrases to make the design visually attractive.




Pencil Cases:

Note: The above kinks are just for reference purpose. You can inspire from the most attractive  designs to create your own unique design. But copying exact design is not accepted. we don`t want  to involve in any issue related to copy rights.

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