Package Insert - The Golden Ticket

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Winning design #58 by buffylopez, Other Product Design for Package Insert - The Golden Ticket Contest
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designed by buffylopez

Project description


We are looking to create a package insert which will be like the Golden Ticket (from the Chocolate factory !!) 

The Golden ticket will serve two purpose
1) Give a wow experience and make customer feel lucky that they got a Golden ticket

2) Drive customer to go to a landing page to submit their details and also give us a review on Amazon

Another hook for point two is that we will be giving away prizes in a lucky draw to 5 applicants....



11* 7 cm 

We plan to put in a Golden ticket - so the design has to be done on a Golden metal background ... Font used can be black...

We will seek idea on whats the best way and what text can be out on the ticket.. we dont want to make it to complex ....

The design will be done on a metallic card - Just search metal business cards on google and you will see a lot of examples... The card size will be much larger than business card ... 

Design will be on Front and Back ... 

On Front we just want to say Brand Name,Thank You for purchase and congratulations on winning the golden ticket
On Back - We want to tell them to go a particular Link on our website and tell them that they have chances to win exciting prizes...


Brand name - chalkola
We sell chalk markers
So the product is an art niche and audience who buy are parents and teachers...

We will need the all proper file formats so that we can make necessary text changes in future.

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  • can you send a version without the colorful circles ... lesser party feel and more classic feel #66
    • About #66, @anuj291 Sorry for this, but I receive your comment in"Promotional" label of my e-mail and I didn't see it until now.

  • Another option for you.... #76
  • Another option for you.... #75
  • This is my proposal for your ticket. I am open to any changes until you satisfied with them fully even the contest time ended up.... #74
  • Can you share a concept on similar lines... Using colored font.. How a few other designs have #65
    • About #65, @anuj291

      Thank you for your feedback sir, pls check the revised design #68 , #69 and #70


  • Colorful, joyful, school type designed. Vector design. #66
  • New design. #62
  • can we use other colors? #18
    • @buffylopez Yes ... But overall want a simple design ... minimal distraction so easy to read and serves the purpose of customer being driven to the landing page ...

    • @anuj291 thanks!

    • About #46, @anuj291
      Hi, Please check my other design entry #56 #57 #58 #59 #60. I appreciate your comments and suggestions, thank you!

  • feel free to use other colors also... see other design with color ... #27
  • use back of this ... without mouse button ...
    and make it black strip behind not read for both options #46
  • i like the front .. plz use this front style on the previous design #50
  • feel free to use other colors also... see other design with color ... #37
  • feel free to use other colors also... see other design with color ... #15
  • This is better but the chalkola style used in the next design is better

    Also from back dont put chalkola in black color - .. Just Normal without background/..

    Also in chalkOla .. make the smiley "O" bigger in size - equal to other letters #49
  • Mouse button should be removed #46
    • About #46, @anuj291 Ok, thanks I will change it

  • Brand should be highlighted... It's getting lost #46
  • Hi, dear @anuj291!
    Check please my design #43 and feel free to let me know what do you think about it!
    Kind regards
  • A back variation at the end #42
  • What is happening? My work keeps getting deleted, and that after hours and hours of dedication, is it a system error?
  • Two powerfull options, one with a small difference, where the right ticket says "Turn" on the front part of it next to the "thank you for your purchase" phrase. #33