Ayman made the design process so easy! Not only was he very responsive to my comments, but even more importantly, he presented some additional thoughtful design elements, all of which we incorporated. Such engagement within a project is definitely appreciated!

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Winning design #11 by aymansolomon_fx, Other Product Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by aymansolomon_fx

Project description

Front panel design for new amplifier.

Panel size is 365mm wide x 65mm high of 8mm aluminium.
(Currently has 5mm radius corners and 2mm-45deg bevel all round)
Panel layout must include: 
2 knobs
IR window
LED indication

Mechanical design layout required
(Combining of functions can be considered.)

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  • Hi, Sir,
    good to hear from you, here is the latest update of the aspects with perfect alignments and scales have done using the golden ratio to ensure the best quality ever possible.

    Kind Regards #11
    • @aymansolomon_fx I like your thinking!! : ) The On/off symbol as part of the circle is another great idea! We do appreciate your quality of input!!

    • @ianrob1 Thank you, Sir. :)

  • Thanks for your suggestion. This has a good mainstream about it!
    (I think we have settled the design elsewhere.) #4
  • Thanks for your suggestion. The ladies would like your colour choice!!
    (I think we have settled the design elsewhere.) #8
  • Using the same font, please change the text here to GRAND SONOFA'GUM (i.e. this is the real model name) #7
  • Thanks for your suggestion. I like gold look, and the effect with the lines makes it look special. Sorry that gold is not a colour we can choose this time. (I think we have settled the design elsewhere.) #9
  • Now that I see the rest of the panel without the names, I think it is best to also remove the "Power On/Off" words. #7
    • @ianrob1 Yes, It looks perfect, I'll remove them and I'll try to indicate that with symbols. Thank You!

  • Hello Sir,
    Sorry for being late.
    Here's the updated design, It's really cleaner looking.
    provide me your feedback,
    Thank You #7
    • @aymansolomon_fx Thanks - your timing is fine. : ) It's looking fantastic!! (Just a quick 2 changes to complete it -will note separately as before.)

    • @ianrob1 Thank you, Sir, I'm ready anytime. :)

  • Hello, sir, please give feedback for my design #6
  • re the width of the backlight behind the knob: compared to version #2, we prefer a thinner (more subtle) width, more like it is seen in version #1. #2
  • no need to use the words "Power" or "IR" i.e. Like the knobs with no names, we think a more minimalist look works. : ) Black line connecting them (that visually continues across from between the knobs) is a good effect and should stay. #2
    • @ianrob1 Really great ideas, I'm so excited for the result after those. Thank You! so much Sir. Kind Regards

  • Clarification re comment no.1 - no word to be used here (the line of increasing thickness is enough to give the meaning.
    (Final result is there are no names above both the knobs.) #2
  • The logo here will be the all-black "word+ circle" i.e. not the gold outline badge, not even if shown in black. ; ) #2
    • @ianrob1, Hi, thank you for feedback, I'll do these changes, and I'll submit ASAP, Kind Regards : )

  • No word to be used. Please add the symbols from your #2 to the "broken" circle #2
  • I prefer this version with the narrowly-spaced lines rising to the knob i.e. if there was a name for knob it would then be on top. (See comment 4 re clarification - I definitely prefer no word above knob!!) #2
  • Hello, Sir,
    Here's the updated concept of #2
    hope you like it.

    Best Regards #3
    • @aymansolomon_fx Thanks for the update! Definitely like the symbols for the selector knob! So as I actually like a mix of the first AND second versions, I think it is simplest that I add individual comments to the image.

  • Hello, Sir,
    Here's my concept, It's functional with minimal details.
    the knots have inner lights also to indicate power status.
    Provide me your feedback to help me a better concept.
    It's also AutoCAD extinction for production.

    Best Regards. #2
    • @aymansolomon_fx Thanks! An excellent first run. The lights around the knobs is a great idea, (as we planned to use coloured light somewhere to indicate input selected. ) (The Tone knob will actually be a selector knob for 5 inputs - using an encoder - 5 colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green - and press on/off) I see that you have used our (traditional) gold badge - we were planning to use the new black/white logo for this model.

    • @ianrob1 Thank you for your feedback, I'll do those changes and I'll upload it with updated aspect of the current concept. Best Regards

    • @ianrob1 hi, I wonder where press on/off suppose to be located, is it embedded in knob itself?
      Thank You

    • @aymansolomon_fx Yes, the on/off is on the shaft of the encoder - press in to toggle power on/off

    • @ianrob1 Yes I see now. Thank you for responding, I'm rendering an updated version of the concept, and I'll upload it as soon as possible. Best Regards

  • The drawing is an excerpt of the drawings sent in the Voyager Disc to Space in 1977. #1
    • @Borjazz Thanks for your suggestion. Much as I personally really like your take on the design, I think this approach would be more suited to our traditional range (the big amp you have shown). Sadly, this is not the range under consideration.

  • you want the graphic design or mechanical design? thanks
    • @Nasrul Hi Nasrul, It is the mechanical layout that I am after... I can take care of the nuts and bolts part, I just need help with the overall look of the front panel

  • Please attach your logo here so we can put that on designs