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Winning design #23 by wenxDesign, Other Product Design for Warrior's Weekend - Martial Arts Tournament Contest
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designed by wenxDesign

Project description

Hello designers!

I am looking for a medal design for my upcoming martial arts tournament. It can be circular or a cool cutout shape. This medal should incorporate our tournament logo and this year's theme "BE LIKE WATER". Also should say "2019" somewhere.

I would like 3 versions:  GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE. I only need one ribbon design.


 Here is an example of last year's medal:

Here is a design I LOVE for this year but I don't want to use this because I do not want to move forward with the company that designed it. Feel free to take inspiration from this:

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  • please rate sir ...
    thanks :) #23
  • Dear Sir please ceck my new version! I've just added the Dragon that Protect Ya Neck!! Hope you like #22
  • About #21, @ArtAct

    hello sir,
    hope you like it,
    i have seen only now you uploaded the dragon file...
  • About #18, @wenxDesign yes i can make all what you want sir.. maybe i fix that after the contest finish ,
  • Can you alternate between the kicker and the dragon on this ribbon design? #18
  • Please make the "S" like you have in design #17. #18
  • Transparent PNG file is also available for printing on transparent plastic. #20
  • How about a war on water between the man and the dragon? The 'Boom' sign in between. #20
  • this with your dragon icon sir ...
    please feedback..
    and please rate to know what i need to do..
    thanks :) #18
  • i create one with my dragon icon ,
    what do you thing sir..? #17
  • About #10, @wenxDesign what dragon do you mean sir ? should i create a new dragon icon ?
    • @wenxDesign I added a picture of a dragon to my design brief.

    • @mikemoh ok , sir..

  • Here's my interpretation. Feedback and critiques are appreciated. Thank you! #16
  • Can we replace the kicker symbol here with a dragon? #10
  • Dear Sir I hope you like my design inspired by Hokusay's Great Wave.
    Please rate it and I'm ready for any feedback
    many thanks #15
  • Hope you like this one sir..
    please rate and feedback sir .. :)
    thanks :) #11
  • How about this sir ..
    thanks :) #10
  • This is cool but I would love to see something that ties in the water theme more. #6
  • I like this one but make the ribbon a few different colors perhaps silver and light blue. Keep the center of the medal gold and change the outline of the medal to more of a blue color.

    Add 2 other designs with a silver center and a bronze center.
  • thanks for your feedback..
    hope you like this one..
    please rate and feedback sir..
    thanks :) #8
  • Hello! I made some options away from the circular. But feel free to see other ways. I hope you enjoy! #5 #6