707 Apparel (Box Design)

We at fantasy active wear development team appreciate the professionalism, skills and cooperation of Meow (graphic designer). We would recommend working with this individual. A happy and satisfied customer!! Best Regards Damir VP


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Winning design #35 by Meow, Packaging Design for 707 Apparel (Box Design) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Meow

Project description

We are a "vertically integrated t-shirt manufacturer" established in 1991. Providing the industry with quality blanks for 23 years. We make our single knitted jersey garments (mainly t-shirts) from scratch from the yarn to the finished garment form one of the few still existing in USA. The process includes knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting, sewing, labeling, printing, packaging, and shipping. Seeking to redesign our box. Our old box was out of date and needs to be redesigned to appeal to the new age customer.

Purpose of box include:

1) Protect product (apparel) from damages and theft

2) Create professional company image

3) Brand companies logo, services, products and slogan

4) Provide contact information so company can be reached out to helping achieve more business

5) Specify apparel description: color, size, style #, description, qty, dimensions of box

6) Create clean and luxurious look

Some of our competitors include:

1) Gildan

2) Alstyle Apparel

3) Anvil

4) American Apparel

5) Jeerzees

6) Bella + Canvas

7) Fruit of the Loom

8) Hanes

9) Champion

10) Alternative Apparel

11) Port and Company

12) Delta Apparel

13) Tultex

14) Pacific Sportswear

15) Next Level

16) Cotton Heritage

17) Bay Island Sportwear

18) Optima Textile

We want our box to stand out but be simple at the same time. Most important give a very professional look. We have been around for over 23 years and are one of the largest t-shirt blank companies in the industry today and that's the image someone should get when they see our box.  

Links that will help to create this box of our competitors and some ideas follow below:







We would like 3 different size boxes designed all should be branded together.

1) Men's Box (Dimensions: 23"L x 16W" x 11H")

Information Listed on box includes:

PO # STK 35

Description: Men's Crew Neck S/S T-Shirt

Style: Men's S/S FA-701

Color: Black

Size: Large

Quantity: 72 pcs.

2) Youth/Boys Box (Dimensions: 20"L x 13.5"W x 11"H)

Information Listed on box includes:

PO # STK 1

Description: Youth Crew Neck S/S T-Shirt

Style: Youth S/S FA-401

Color: Black

Size: Large

Quantity: 72 pcs.

3) Juvi Box (Dimensions: 23.5"L x 14.5"W x 6"H)

Information Listed on box includes:

PO # STK 13

Description: Juvi Crew Neck S/S T-Shirt

Style: Juvi S/S FA-403

Color: Black

Size: Large

Quantity: 72 pcs.

Rectangular marking on TOP LEFT SIDE of box front to indicate where the description label is to be placed.(Dimensions of marking: 5"L x 4"W) Refer to Gildan box and Averex/Optima box pictures attached to contest.

Branding Needed on Box: 707 Logo (attached to contest form, please download), Vertically Integrated Manufacturer, slogan: providing quality blanks since 1991, website address: www.fantasyactive.com

Other info (optional to include on box): phone # 323-382-7468, company address: 5383 Alcoa Ave, Vernon, CA 90058, American Company (USA), Quality/Comfort/Style, Superior Blanks since 1991, superior blank apparel

Want color and black & white options. Prefer white box with max 2-5 color print on it.

Would like the designers to apply their own creativity to this project and amaze me and my executives.

Look forward to see all designers entries and hope everyone the best of luck.

Best Regards

Damir Gajiani

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  • Update. #35
  • About #32, @Meow We want to finalize this box design/concept please apply following changes: 1) Remove "sticker placement marking" from one side of box (only 1 sticker will be placed on each box only need marking on 1 side) 2)Provide sample image of all 3 types of boxes -Men's -Youth/Boys -Juvi Look forward fyi. want to finalize the box asap as we are hitting our deadline thank you
    • About #32, @Damu47 I'm not sure which design you want. This (#32) or #27? I designed the rest of the boxes for design #32 which is #34.

      EDIT: I forgot to remove the one sticker placement. I will update this soon.

  • About #32, @Meow This design/concept for our box development is very accurate to our vision and should be the final winner. Please apply the last couple options or changes you would recommend. Provide a sample image of all three categories of boxes 1) Men's 2) Youth/Boys 3) Juvi Look Forward Great work we appreciate your skills and efforts
  • About #28, @serexzo The changes applied resulted in the new box design being more to our standard of what we looking for although couple changes still need to be applied: 1) The shirt symbol looks like a collar shirt silhouette redesign it so it resembles a short sleeve crew neck basic t-shirt 2) Provide sample image of all 3 boxes (Men's, Youth, Juvi) in the proper dimensions to better visualize Look Forward
    • @Damu47 Thanks for the feedback... will provide that soon. Thanks. Serexzo

  • About #27, @Meow Apply following changes to box design: 1)Remove all wordage from top left and right flap of box 2) Place sticker box on side of box (move from front to side) should be on top right side of box 3) Center the 707 logo in front and back side of box 4) Inlarge symbol of T-shirt with M (so it is easily visible from a distance by warehousing) 4) Provide 2-3 more design details of box We are coming close to choosing the winner and final box design. thnx
    • @Damu47 Thank you for your feedback. I'd like to know what you mean by "more design details". Is it about colors, design elements, positioning, etc.? I'll submit as soon as possible.

  • About #26, @serexzo Apply following changes: 1) remove all wordage from flaps of box (left and right) 2) Move sticker placement diagram to side of box on top right side 3) Put T-shirt symbol with letter enlarged in front and back of box for easy visibility 4) give 2-3 more design options with applying these changes We are coming close to choose the winner look forward to chose a box design very soon!!!
  • About #14, @serexzo Serexzo, We appreciate your efforts to help develop our box for our blanks. Comments on the design follow below: 1) Great design concept and style 2) Great play off of logo design to apply to box design 3) Clean design 4) Too busy need to eliminate some design 5) Replace phone # with 323-983-9988 6) Provide Black and White option 7) Replace PO#STK1 for type of blanks in box such as "BOYS" 8) Like the little lines on top and bottom of box that run across (although provide different design options for this) Look Forward to see changes and new design aspects added to box concept Thnx
    • @Damu47 ok... Thanks for the feedback... Want you to know im right here to give your blank the best box. will modify and upload soon. Thanks. Serexzo

    • @serexzo look forward to see it, thnx for quick response.

  • Without top bar, bottom bar a bit higher. Label marking with thinner lines. All letters are Sentence case. Minor changes in address line. Top BOX design added. #8
  • It is very high resolution. Unlimited changes will be done according to you even after the selection. Sir please give feedback on my design So i can improve it. #7
  • Love the concept of thise design although needs to be simplified just a lil bit! Thnx #6
  • Like the simplistic design of this box. Although it feels like something is missing. #2
  • More pictures attached to inspire and guide designers to the look/design we are trying to achieve, please feel free to download these images. Look forward thnx
  • Clean design, 2 colors. I am open for suggestions. #6
  • Your feedback is very important #5
  • Sir waiting for your valuable feedback #4
  • Sir can you please give some feedback on my design #3
  • If any changes let me know sir. Thanks #3
  • A cost-efficient print with only three colors and minimal design. #2