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Winning design #28 by jdlv, Packaging Design for Burps n Play Contest
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designed by jdlv

Project description


We are looking for someone to design a Baby Silicon Placemat ... The product is made of silicon and is used by parents for kids who are in the age group of 7 months to 15 months 

Currently ppl are doing design of smiley face, frog face, car , teddy bear etc... -- Please go to amazon.com and search for "baby silicon placemat" to see all kinds of existing design...

We want the designer to create a simple design that will be appealing to both parents and kids and also most importantly helps store good amount of food... 

Brand Name - Burps n Play

There are 3 parts to this - Product design, Outside package design, Final Images of product

Part 1 - Product
Dimension - 34 x 23 x 3 

Here is what ppl are doing

So you need to make a simple product design - which will be liked by both a baby boy and girl... 
So in your design plz show the 4 suction parts as well and how will that be arranged

Part 2 - Outside Packaging

See images attached 
Text to include 

Front to have 
Burps n Play Silicon Plate

Product will have a a bonus Wooden Silicon Spoon (see image of spoon) 

Details about the product and a simple design along with seals like:-

> Added Suction for better grip
> FDA approved seal like in image
> Dishwasher safe
> microwavable 

Show the product suction part in front -- can just show the corner of the plate with suction

Back will have 
Burps n Play Silicon Plate

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We can put some images of the product and babies here ..  But that part leaving to you ...

Left bottom side will have address:
8369 NW 66 ST #6937
Miami, FL 33166
Made in China

Right bottom side will have bar code

Part 3 - Final Product Images

After the final design is selected the selected person will have to provide us artwork of the product / 3d renders  - so we can put on Amazon as product image..

Will require 4 to 5 different style images ...

We will need final format - .ai / psd once everything is finalised and pdf version


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  • simpler design is preferred - too many boxes in this #65
  • No - too plain and simple... see the other house design ,, face design and similar #64
  • Hi - If you are able to submit a few more designs for outside box then we will assign this project to you ..
    Plz keep it fun and colourful... #28
    • @anuj291 okay, thank you

  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Can you please provide me the feedback for my design #65
  • Hi - thanks for submission - while the design is good thought.. but plz understand more than design its about space t put food .. with this it leaves little space for food and wastes a lot of space of the plate...
    check out the house design and the smiley face design - something like that clean ... house is good as the outer mold is also a house ... #62
  • this is not good... we like the house but the packaging is not good ... #47
  • sun behind the boat...but i will try more options #58
  • looks good .. can the outer fold be something so that it reflects a boat as well... see the house design and how it depicts overall design... #54
  • looks good .. can the outer fold be something so that it reflects a boat as well... see the house design and how it depicts overall design... #57
  • Kindly submit your designs for the box today as we will take final decision tomorrow... #20
  • also cover and increase size of the inside as much as possible .. so that there is ample space for the main part which will hold food..... #28
  • can you show a bit more colourful design with house design .. #20
  • can you show different versions of this design - as in the house can it be better and more appealing.. #28
  • can you show a different version of the design ...

    also the sides will need something #13
    • @anuj291 My new entries are #41, #42 #43 and #44. Box with side. Anticipating your reply.

  • Hi Anuj, thanks for your feedback, just check if suctions are fine. Will try to submit more designs. Thanks #36
  • hope you like it , please rate and feedback.
    thanks :) #35
  • plz check where suction will be added and resend...
    also do share some more concepts ... #34
  • can you share some more concepts ... this is good .. look at adding the 4 suctions as well... also the overall concept/ outside boundry iss not limited to a rectangle design - it can be round or any design ... but you will have to look from point that its a plate for eating and that you have to put the suctions at corners.. #16
    • @anuj291 as per your advice I created without rectangle design #33. Thank you for your ratings and Anticipating your reply

  • also as you have already done -- its good that the main area should be big and then two smaller ares for keeping more...
    as the big part will usually get the main course and the smaller ones the extra food #16
    • @anuj291 As per your advice I enlarged more space for food. #32

  • Dear CH, please check this sketch and hopefully you will like it. Later on I can do 3D product image (as my previous entry) if you like this shape.

    My best,
    operhal #31