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This project is for a new packaging design to enhance our retail displays and customer unboxing experience. The interior dimensions of the box are 21.5"x9.5"x15.75". The primary colors for the design should be black, silver, or white and a (optional) secondary color is blue. Since we want to enhance the unboxing experience we would like to see how the box opens up & presents. Furthermore, a carry handle should be included. 

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  • Hi designers! Great job on all your work! We are extending the contest 7 days and have some notes. Since this is to enhance our unboxing experience, please include how the box will open up. Also please include a carry handle on the box. Finally some design ideas we like are matte finish, subtle, black silver and white for primary colors, blue for a secondary color.
    • @kevinodonnellemail Hi Mr. Odonnelle, do you have any comments on the design proposals we have submitted? Thank yoi

    • @kevinodonnellemail please extend the already guaranteed the not let it be a waste,,,thank you

    • @kevinodonnellemail, You were online here Mr. Odonnell... Is this contest really abandoned? Or not interested anymore? If any so, just let us know. Thanks

    • @kevinodonnellemail adm3 @kevinodonnellemail, You were online here Mr. Odonnell like few hours ago today June 29... Is this contest really abandoned? Or not interested anymore? If any so, just let us know. Thanks

    • @adm3 Hi sorry about the delay, we will be making final decisions this week and awarding the prizes. Thank you for all your hard work!

    • @adm3 Hi sorry about the delay, we will be making final decisions this week and awarding the prizes. Thank you for all your hard work!

    • @kevinodonnellemail Hi sir. No need to say sorry sir. It's just that we've had a great experience helping the Modobag business using each and every designer's skills. It help us also to showcase and share what we have to our beloved clients. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day :)

    • @kevinodonnellemail Hello good day! Seems like this is already an abandoned project. Thanks anyway! :)

  • Good day! Here's my entry of Modobag Packaging (Corrugated Box with Plastic handle and lock)... I attached herewith the dimension I also prepared for you to see what are the cuts and folds of the packaging box. Thank you so much :) #96
  • gladly receive any revise. thank you #87
  • I have tried to make it simple and also the inner box packaging #85 . Thank you. #86
  • I hope you got the concept of inner box opening. Also see the outer box package design. Thank you. #85
  • I try to make it look much more clean and simple, and for the inner box opening desgin see my other posts.Thank You. #84
  • Hi, ok this time the inner design, I made it simple, combined with black and white silver, I added a picture like a battery, because in my opinion this is clearly an electronic item that must be charged, and I added a few words that I took from,
    regards #83
  • Hi :), this is my first entry in this contest, I made an external design display first, I combined several photos from Modobag, and used the color design to your liking, I only added a little blue, white and black dominating more, if you need improvements to my design, I will be happy to fix it, thank you, greetings #82
  • Hello, I hope you like the packaging and inner box opening idea. Thank you. #81
  • Hi dear hope you like it my design thanks #76
  • sir i am uploading all the parts just for clarity. #51
  • hello Sir, i have designed this in original size which you have given on brief, but just for presentation i am using a mockup which is slightly different in size than what you have given. #47
  • Hello Everyone,

    Great job on all the work you have already put it. We would like to provide some additional guidance. We would like the accent color to be the blue color highlighted on the power/battery dashboard on the bag instead of the hot pink used on the website. You can find this blue on the website under the "Never before have you seen" title. #23 #22 #21 #20 #19 #18 #17 #16 #15 #14 #13 #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1
  • NEAT , SIMPLE & MYSTERIOUS LOOKING with surprise from the future inside. :P #23
  • This is logo design modobag with future concept #22
  • This is logo design modobag with future concept #21
  • Hello. A short note regarding the box size. The dimensions of the Box in the Mockups are slightly different from the size given. If you liked the idea, please let it not bother you as the design concept could be easily applied to the original box size. Thank you for your time and opportunity to participate in an interesting project. #20
  • Hi...can you provide feedback so we can improve our designs?thank you
  • is this legal for me to take picture on the website and putin in my design?
    • @dbc_studio Hi For the purpose of the packaging design product, we encourage you to use the website for content. Thanks!

  • may I know what is the item we are packaging? Seems too thin for the travel bag?
    • @sk88 Hi! Those are the interior dimensions for the Modobag Box in inches. Check out our website for more info. Thanks and Good Luck!!

    • @kevinodonnellemail I cannot find anything about the Modobag Box. Could you help?

    • @kevinodonnellemail oh sorry... I don't know why I got the dimensions as ((1.5"))x9.5"x15.75" and not ((21.5)) "x9.5"x15.75"Got it!!