Rhino Numb

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Winning design #17 by moonart, Packaging Design for Rhino Numb Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

Rhino Numb is topical anesthetic for skin. It is new fast absorbing creame with quick effect. Will be used by tattoists, dermarolling enthusiasts and doctors before and after laser and other painful cosmetic procedures.

The product is in 30g tube and the box dimensions are 50mm x 120mm x 25mm. The box should be colorful if possible.

The box should mention following sentences:

Rhino Numb (main text on the box matched with a logo)
Topical Anesthetic
rapid absorption
for external use only
apply to the skin to relieve pain
topical anesthetic cream (lidocaine 6% - prilocaine 4%)

also the logo must be present but as we are still in the design phase the logo can be modified. I like the idea of it being "freehand drawn" but you can feel free to make it look better. I would be very happy if you do something with the logo also. 

final result should be print-ready file that we can use with minor adjustments only

Color themes i like




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  • uku
    not bad .. i like it ... well thought thru
  • uku
    hello Akhtan! Is it possible to use logo that i attached on this design? #20
    • @uku Yes sure. Please see Design #22 I used the logo that i attached with this project.

  • uku
    Is it possible to use the logo that i attached to this project instead of this one? i kind of like this design :) #25
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    hope you like my design #12
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  • uku
    hello, @Nasrul, thank you for your submit to this project. i like the result and what you did with the logo. i like the blue waves on the background. can you work play a bit more with the grid on the background? so the grid would be a bit more visible...
  • Hi @uku..please review my entry...any feedback is appreciated..thank you #1