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The input from the designers were good. Only the website works rather slow and there are a few faults that I have encounterd. For the rest an overall good experience.

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Winning design #26 by NLCE, Packaging Design for Soria Bel NV, food supplement producent Contest
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designed by NLCE

Project description

We are launching 4 new products (plant tablets in a carton box) The goal of this contest is to give us a extra designer mind, to give us the direction of the new design. The details (correct tekst, teksts placing, extra logo's etc will be done by or current designer) (the winning design will be used as an excample) The boxes will be print in quadri. there is an example file attached, this might give you an idea about the tekst placing. (this lay out is good, but we need a BETTER design) --------------------------------------------------------------- We need a box design that we can use for the 4 products (the diffrence between the products would be a other drawing and/or a other color) The boxes need to be rather modern with the main color white. There should also be a other accent color. products: 1- product for the mind & concentration (supergenius) 2- product for a slim line (citrifin) 3- product for the cholesterol (cynastan) (in example) 4- product for nausea (GINBRIN) the products are natural dimensions of the boxes: 65mm x 105mm x 44mm Front side: - name of the product - ingredients (4) - drawing - indication (tekst with -+ 35 characters) left side: - logo soriabel nv - adres details - ingredients in 2 diffrent languages back side: - name + indication (same as front) - full ingrediënt list in 2 languages - usage in 2 languages - standardisation table right side: - disclaimers (tekst -+ 150 characters) - content (60 tablets) top side: name of product

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  • Dear Contest Holder, As a packaging designer, I must say that your brief is a little bit confusing. - What is the purpose of the artworks? - Quadri Print >< PMS Print (There is a big difference in the production cost) -> if PMS print, how many colors are allowed on each box? - Where do you think the production of these boxes will be done, Europe (flat artworks) or Asia (Flat + 3D Artworks)? - If you are not planning to let the artworks been reworked, it would be a good thing to upload your logo (in Vector format if possibly), the adres, ... and all other text information you want to put on the boxes. Ps; You should get most of the information from the company where you plan working with. If you don't know what supplier to use, I could provide you with some Belgium based suppliers (as I, myself am from Belgium). Have a nice day, and good luck with the artworks you will be receiving! Mioo
    • These are correct remarks. - The purpose is to give us a global view of our new packaging. Not to make the full ready to print pdf. To give a extra pair of eyes and a clear mind to help us find a new design. - The print is Quadri - producedin Belgium - The artworks will be reworkd Sigurd

  • not bad, If you can make a nice picture for the other tablets it is also good (you can use the same tekst) only change name and color (ginbrin - brown/yellow) (supergenius - blue) (citrifin - pink) (check my additions for our old lay outs)
    • thank you for your feedback, already did other tablets, but with other colors, i will change for the colors you propose. thank you

    • take some time, 1 hour +/- and i have all tablets ready. thank you

  • I like the gobal design, but I don't like the sign in front of the box.
  • Hi, thanks for the feedback. Could you rate entries 16 and 17 please?
  • these are the best lines and colors so far from you, only the leafs now are to small. If you can add the leaf from our logo it would be better. (the leaf must follow the lines on the box) On the cover (top side) of the box you can remove the swirl, that is to much on the box. For the logos you can use our current logo's (citrifin en supergenius) so the people still see its the same product
  • i like the colors on this one, only the grass should dissapear. The grass is to old. If you can make something else on the bottem side of the package more curved (modern) with the gold line, it would be better
  • hi ch.sigurdsaelens i am working i will send to you very soon i hope you will like my design work thanks best regards babar786
  • This one is the best entry by you so far. The base is good. But the colors are to dark. Can you make this lay out with lighter colors? Also the head is to dark (the brains inside the head can be removed, you can place some blurry dots instead) the circle with the tablets content must be removed, maybe you can integrate a leaf (green or gold) instead of that circle. (so the people notice the naturally of the product)