Vicious Curl

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  • Hello @david19,

    Unfortunately I couldn't found perfect mockup.
    I think you will like this design.

    We can create your other product labels using this design.
    Feel free to let me know if you want to add or change something.
    Waiting for your feedback. :)
  • Another variation of my original entry submission. :) Please let me know if you need anything changed. #34
  • I tried a variation of my original entry. :) I hope you like it! Let me know if you want anything changed. Thanks! :) #33
  • I used the bottle from the links you gave and incorporated the curl in the "VC" as well as in the background waves. I hope you like it. :)

    I found out the inside of the bottle can be changed colors so you are not restricted to a clear white bottle inside if you wish to change it. Please tell me if you want anything changed and I'd be happy to adjust and change the design for you. :) #32
  • Same design as #27, I just built a better model and scene for the mock-up. Originally I just pasted it onto a rectangular cube. Now you can see a bit better what it will actually look like. This is to the scale of the 30ml acrylic airless pump bottle from the links. It's not perfect, but it will give you a much better idea of how it will look on the bottle. Again, all of the elements are easily movable and can be arranged to fit just about any layout, horizontal or vertical. #30
  • Hope you like. #29
  • A first proposal - direction I took was towards a modern, slick, clean, flat design, enhancing the organic nature of the products throughout the designs, but mainly through the colours. Of course all elements are adaptable to final bottle types and label sizes you would choose, this is just a preliminary direction and we can work the details thoroughly. I'll try to come up with a couple of other directions (one toward the luxury and one towards a more playful direction) - but time is rather short. Not knowing quite enough about the products, I can't tell which is the most appropriate or closer to what you are after. Any input is appreciated. Thanks! #28
  • I went with the square airless pump bottle in your links. This laid out to 30ml size(30mmx120mm), but I can easily move the elements around to fit any size needed. They can even be re-organized to fit in a horizontal layout. There are five colors(including black and white), and all colors are solid so silk screening won't be an issue. All colors are changeable, and I can also drop a color if you need fewer.

    ...also, please note the the background is transparent(mock up on the right), and the only area with white is outlining the words "Vicious Curl".

  • i hope you like this, thanks #26
  • mockup #25
  • My second design, Please review the design and send me feedbacks. #23
  • I hope you will provide me some feedback about this concept. Many thanks #22
  • Hi ,
    Please check my first package design. I am happy to do any kind of changes to the design. let me know your feedbacks.

    Naseem #21
  • what do you think of this design? please let me know, if you want a change in the design #20
  • feedback please, thank you before #17
  • feedback please, thank you before #16
  • I'd like to know the answer to the below question as well. The links added help, but there still is no information on printable size, what information you want on the bottles(instructions, ingredients, etc.), and most importantly your company logo and the logos for the individual products. Likewise, are we supposed to pick a bottle from the links provided and use that for each product, or do you have a product in mind for specific bottles?

    From the brief, it is very confusing to ascertain exactly what you are looking for? I can't even tell if we are designing 5 product labels or 1 product label to use across 5-6 products.

    I would love to participate, but there really isn't a lot to go on here, and I would hate to waste a lot of time(especially on 5-6 separate designs) working in the completely wrong direction and then have to go back and do it all over again. Not only that, but you will get far more targeted results(and likely better designers) if your needs are more effectively communicated.

    • @weiesnbach yes - please choose a bottle from the links that would go best with the design you make - i dont have a logo just a name- im looking for a package design - design 1 product label that will have different names same brand - just different purposes look at that link - same design ask e specific questions

    • same design - differnt product example

      alterna - look at instant recovery shampoo and conditioner look the same just have the words shmpoo and cond different

  • Here is a design with even more colour. #15
  • Here is the version I mentioned with my last comment. It's playful, loud and simple. #10
  • Here is one with more squarish bottle. #9