My first time using design contest. A little bit complicated the process for me. At the end, understood the process . VAdos is very competitive and open. great job

$395 paid

25 custom designs

10pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #8 by Vados, Packaging Design for www.textronic.us Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vados

Project description

We want to launch a new brand for a product line. We want you to create a new design logo and packaging. Our industry is automotive. The new product line will be Electrical automotive parts such as :

Voltage regulators and rectifiers.
Engine managment - Emission control (sensors, valves, etc..)

we need a new brand name and an aggressive packaging material

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  • Need the files for the boxes. please surrender them as soon as possible. we are waiting for those.
  • HI there textronic

    choosing a winner
    You will need to be logged in and on your contest page with the entries. You will see the trophy icon on your right (next to the sort by options)

    1. When you click on the trophy icon you will see medal outlines on all of the entries. if you see only rated..look to your viewing left and uncheck rated only box, all entries will now show

    2. Click on the entry you want for gold, then silver and then bronze (silver and bronze do not receive money but they do get extra designer points and they work hard for the 2nd and 3rd place medals) All 3 medals would need to be different designers

    3. After you have your medal winners the contest then goes into finalization. You will see a green download source file button. The green download button will take you to the private finalization where you have 7 more days to work with your winner on minor changes you may need or want

    The articles can help guide you in the finalization

    Please let us know if you need help choosing your winners or need help in finalization

    Thank you
  • we need the the vector disign to manufactur the boxes. #6
    • About #6, @textronic
      Yes, I can provide a vector

    • @Vados Hello! I installed the wrong price for the extra job (website design) You can offer another price Waiting for your response, we continue to work on the project? Sincerely Vados!

    • @Vados we havent received the files fro the contest that you won. when can you send them??

    • @Vados i would like, but we need the files for the boxes.

    • @textronic
      Hello! I'm waiting for you! I can not add the source file, until you do not select a winner, on the site www.designcontest you must specify the first, second and third members, (a gold medal) - the first place, then I can add the source files. for me to open this link "to add the source files"

    • @Vados

      like this, for example - https://www.designcontest.ru/logo-design/automotive-roi/entries/

  • Anticipating your esteemed reviews for my designs are #12, #13, #14, #17 and #18
  • after reading and understanding your brief, I can take the point of your desire and then visualize it into a packaging. I also added a bit of an idea that might be more interesting and perfect if poured into the packaging, of course, stay focused on what you want. but I still need your comments to create a design that I made more perfect. I hope as soon as possible so you tell me #10
  • Hello.
    I design this type of logo and pack. if u have revision dont hesitate.

    Kamran Sadikhov
  • can we have different version of colors . for example Blues. #6
    • About #6, @textronic
      Yes, I can provide a vector in different colors

    • @textronic Hello, I can not add a new design, since the competition is completed. You need to pick a winner, or extend the contest for the one day that I could add another varinty design. Thank you!

  • i will upload other competitors boxes. I will upload other own brand that we have. this may give you an idea of what we need. We need to have a twist with a smart and spicy brand to compete not only is US market but also in Latinamerican markets. We want to develop and brand as a USA quality
  • boxes size could vary between : 2inch wide x 4 inch high x 1.5 inch deep to 3 x 6 x 3
  • Kindly send product photos and Box measurement.