• The winner is already chosen. How much should I wait to get the source files?

    No more than 24 hours. A winner has a day to prepare and send the source files.

  • I want to get as many entries as possible be setting the highest rate. Are the entries limited?

    No, the maximum number of entries is not limited. This will depend on your budget and the complexity of the project. If you want to get lots of entries, you can use some of your special customizations: Featured Contest, Multiple Prizes, or Guaranteed Contest. The expected number of bids will be shown right after you click on «Start a Contest» button (free of charge).

  • I want all the details to remain confidential. Can I sign a Nondisclosure Agreement with the designer?

    Sure, plumbing company logo details are subordinated to NDA in case you want it. All private information remains private. The work performed is your own property.

  • Is there an opportunity to get my money back in case I won’t get any satisfying offer?

    Of course, there is. We are concerned about the high quality of the final result not less than yours, so we provide an option of getting your money back for every customer that is not satisfied with any entries. In that case you will get 100% refund of the payment. We assure you that with the "right" budget there’s no chance of getting a dissatisfying plumbing logo.

  • Does your service have a support system?

    Sure. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  • What do you recommend to include in a plumbing logo’s contest details?

    Your order description should be as detailed as possible. This will filter the freelancers that are really interested in your offer, and secondly, you’ll express your personal preference that will give performers the ability to make a logo accurately. Don’t forget to include your company history, preferred styles, forms and colors, as well as other significant details. However, you’ll be guided through all the steps of work customization with a brief wizard.

  • Is it possible to modify a logo after I receive the source files?

    Yes, it is. You have 7 days to notify a freelancer about any changes that you want to be made. Once you are happy – close the competition and send the funds to the designer.

  • Can I just hire a designer without running a contest? What are the recommendations?

    Yes, in general you can approve the designer without running a competition. We advise against this, as you are missing out on a great opportunity to evaluate the works of the designers. Once your competition is over, you can choose your favorite designs and pick a favorite designer. Additionally, you can work with a freelancer on an individual basis.

  • Don’t just take our word for it

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    This is the best site out there for achieving unique designs and fast!

    I just get so irritated with local designers producing designs that they want you to use. It's not about what the designer wants, it's about what you want and they are there to help me to achieve my goals.

    Captain Slaughter

    When I came to design contest I was looking for a face for my company, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have one inside of 7 days to my complete satisfaction. To think that inside of one week I had 155 awesome designs to choose from was amazing!

    Rachell Allen Professionals

    With DesignContest, we found the perfect design we were looking for Rachell Allen! We love the simple process of running a huge design contest capable of bringing together the most talented designers from all over the world. And not to mention, it is very affordable and reasonable because you get to choose your own budget!

    • Vladana Stepanets

      Vladana Stepanets

      TVBOY Production

    • Alistair Powell

      Alistair Powell

      Villages Rentals

    • Joseph Bailey

      Joseph Bailey

      Captain Slaughter

    • Ryan DeLeon

      Ryan DeLeon

      Rachell Allen Professionals

    How does Logo Design Contest work

    1Set up your brief

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    2Review & provide feedback

    Once designs have been submitted to your Logo Design contest, you`ll be able to rate each entry and provide feedback to designers. Rating entries is easy and quick, and helps to guarantee that you`ll get a Logo Design you love!

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    3Pick a winning design!

    Often the hardest step in the process, you`ll have so many great designs to choose from! Just pick the Logo Design you like best and we`ll do the rest.

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    Questions we frequently get

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