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Winning design #42 by alira, Poster Design for Burlington Pediatric Dentistry Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alira

Project description

Make us an INFOGRAPHIC poster to help us promote pediatric oral health and our office to patients in medical offices.

Key information is a tooth eruption graphic (like the one uploaded or better), first dental visit when first tooth erupt or by age 1, and Pediatric Dentists specialize in dental care for children having done another 2-3 years of education. Use the information and ideas from AAPD Mouth Monsters. They have great "did you know" posters, and facts for active kids and other great ideas too.

Most commonly mothers are attending appointments with their children, so information and images must appeal to the female 20-45. The poster should be captive enough that a young child 2+ would find the images interesting.

Our office logo (uploaded), office contact information and "Dr. Daniel Charland, Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry" should all be visible, but not dominate.

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  • About #51, @sarahrickman This is my personal preference!
  • A colour option without the grey #49
  • Another colour option for your consideration #48
  • This is the same as my other design, however the pale grey has been swapped for a pale blue. I couldn't decide between the two, so I'll leave that decision to you! #47
  • Here is a clean, modern tiled infographic for you consideration. I feel like it would appeal to both adults and children, and the information is broken down into easily digestible bites, with the most important stats highlighted to catch the attention of the viewer. If there are any tweaks needed, I will happily do them if my design is chosen. I very much look forward to your feedback. #46
  • Poster design with Light Yellow gradient! #44
  • Proposal with a gradient background in light green. #43
  • Send you a proposal with a gradient background in light blue. #42
  • Send you a proposal with a gradient background in light grey. #41
  • About #29, @alira
    alira, thank you fo revised entry, it is clean simple and to the point. I like it. Without changing your esthetic, would it work to have a a little background? I am worried that when printed on gloss paper it will look intensely white.
    • About #29, @danielcharland I´ll put a watermark that do not alter the design. My recommendation is that reading material is printed on matte paper, although of course on bright paper, the colors stand out more.

  • For this version I have moved things around to fit in a couple more graphics. Please let me know what you think or if you would like to see any changes. Thank you! #40
  • About #28, @DembishDesigne
    So much great information here, you did your research! I was really hoping for more images to explain the messages than just words.
    • haha, I just got a three year old daughter About #28, @danielcharland

  • Thank you for your feedback. I have made the change :) #38
  • Tooth Decay CAN begin as soon as... #34
  • Thank you for making so many changes. it looks great. only one change i see at this time #34
  • I prefer this font - it is easier to read. Thank you for showing the difference.
    The blue box is too wordy. The orange box at the bottom is repetitious to the toothpaste image.
    The toothpaste image can be smaller. doe that give space to make a graphic for the blue box? #37
  • In order to fit a graphic representation into the blue box, I would need to remove the "happiness begins with a smile" and extend the height of the blue box.

    About #31, @danielcharland
  • Hi Dr. Charland - I have made the requested changes and have made a side by side comparison between the different font styles. #31
  • Hello Daniel, thank you for the feedback, we send another proposal for your consideration. Any comment for improve is welcome! Kind regards! #29
  • Brilliant! A design that truly understands the term "infographic". I tagged a few small changes on the poster itself for a second draft. I love how visual all the information is presented. #24
    • Great, thank you for all the feedback. I will have an updated version for you tomorrow. About #24, @danielcharland