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Winning design #164 by glaxon, Poster Design for Cities Real Estate Contest
Gold Medal

designed by glaxon

Project description

The signs are a aluminum reflective material

Yard sign is 30 inches by 24 inches

Please take inspiration from Sotheby's international

I like the design with the High performance yards signs attached.

I'd like to take my personalized real estate YARD sign and come up with a TEAM yard sign with my colors.

My colors are TCU college purple. and TCU white

Use Phone: (817) 345-6294
I don't want to use my picture!

I'd like my yard signs be similar to  business card, TCU purple background.
Contrasting against the WHITE SIGN POSTS!

Clean look!
Luxury feel!


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  • Version 5. #174
  • Clean and professional look. #170
  • Could you please reviews my designs. thank you #165
  • Can you lighten up the purple like #148 entry? #147
  • Please reviews my designs. thank you #149
  • Please reviews the revision my design. thanks for your feedbacks #148
  • one more request. Can I see one with the house moved down, black & white faded on the white...just slightly so we can still read the content. #147
  • and take out the ( ) on the number #142
    • About #142, @david22 Ok

  • Hi,

    I have carefully followed your design brief & got this design option for you..

    I hope you will like it :)

    Regards:) #146
  • Can you move the house pic over like in #128. Thanks #131
  • Please reviews my designs. thank you #128
  • Please reviews my designs. thank you #127
  • can u change your purple like #119 #118
    • About #119, @david22 okay I will change the purple. thanks for your feedbacks

  • square off the purple! please #118
    • @david22 Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback again please check different updated design hopefully you will like thanks

  • Hi there could you please reviews my designs. thank you #119
  • Could you send one with the purple squared up and border like #101. Thanks #84
  • look close at #84, can you make one with the house a bit bigger in the background showing less drive way and more house.. #101
  • 1. Can we try one without the house in the sign, but keeping the same transparent purple.

    2. Try one with a bow tie look with the purple

    3. Square the purple up under the logo and make the content a bit lager
  • Nice JOB...this is awesome. #101
  • Hi Sir, please check. many thanks #110