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Project description

We need a poster that we would then use as the events' announcement/flyer.

As basis of the poster you should use as reference the pdf attached  (Electrica-presentation)

We have a branded font and would be of a Electric DC blue.


We will be providing the two icons of the events.

We have an image that should be the key basis (attached as pdf in the image) of the direction we would want the poster to go, with a different idea for the object, we have created a link for the mood board on Pinterest:

Metrics is a  electronic music event organiser; its brainchild, Electrica, is focused on all new germinations of the cold, crude and concrete like style of techno which is the evocation of Industrialism.
We have given it a new twist focusing on a sort of intimate/forgotten/magical industrial time component that mixes itself with the unknown and a sort of sinister feel.

Labeling and illustration should be placed similarly as the flyers and posters of De School Amsterdam:


The info and details are found in:


The difference we are looking for, from this image, is to instead of having the image that reflects nature and outside aspects; 

We are looking for objects and feels that would recall for an urban industrial times of the 1920, with that esoteric paganism of the times of the likes of futurists and persons like Nikolai tesla of the early 20th century/ also we felt this vision should be fused to the structures of Soviet brutalism;
we would be looking for a feel of materials like concrete megastructures, metal beams and Victorian glass orbs. 

The image must be minimal/clean, dark/cold, symmetrical.

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  • Sorry, previous design was missing the Electrica logo #43
  • ..all of the files I've submitted are 24x36(inches), as I do not know what size the final files will be. I can translate that downward towards most aspect ratios with minor cropping here and there. Also if you have additional text, other than what I have already placed on these, let me know what is needed and on which one. Thanks. #39
  • this is my result ...thanks #36
  • Hi! this is my 2nd proposal design to your contest. the size was 24in x 18in portrait, I used your image from your pdf provided its look like dark and cold, old state with glassy effect, perfect to your poster. try to used your suggested electric dc blue color, but its only at the back ground and to defused the image, the effect is cool its look like a negative film and some face appear in bottom left of the poster. hope and pray you like it. thank you and have a blessed day! #29
  • pagan inspired. #28
  • Hi! This is my proposal poster for your content I used same geometrical lines . I hope and pray you like it . Thank you and have a blessed day! #26
  • It is the master piece. #24
  • Also if this is the link to your typeface, it is set to private and cannot be downloaded:

  • Okay I think I have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for-- Fritz Lang's Metropolis poster, mixed with some Front 242 Headhunter aesthetics, maybe with some Einsturzende Neubauten tribalism and a Swiss feel to the typography...

    ...but what I don't know, and it's kind of important, is the actual size of the posters. If there will be more than one size, at least let me know the largest so I can aim for that and then resize downward for other versions.
  • i hope you like it. please check out my design sir #23, @lovelymother079
  • another idea

    hope u like it #22
  • Calculo que hablarás en español.. Acomodé un poco el diseño para poder darle más puntos a las tipografías y destacar la fecha y el lugar. También destaqué el Line-up. #20
  • About #19, @joelcarlos I think instead of Electrica there should be date and some where else quite visible the location
  • About #16, please disregard. I uploaded the image without the shadow, and now checking there is no way to withdraw a submitted design. The final version is the #19. Sorry!
    • @joelcarlos but dates, names and location should be readable from the distance

  • The reference I used was the San Diego Convention Center ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/gstremer/4017553794/ ) #19
    • @joelcarlos I like this a lot Joel, muy bien echo, the problem is that the names and especially dates need to be easier to read, the icon of Electrica can be instead the opposite and so more minimal.

  • Hi,

    this is what I propose for your project. It's minimalist and professional.

    Please let me know what you like and dislike about the design. I'm happy to further refine it based on your needs

    Awaiting for your kind comments.

    Thanks. #15
    • @WeBreatheDesign If you read the text, I want this image that I made the base of the idea, but with an object that recalls... what is put on the description.

  • О дизайне #17, @olgert How do you find it?
    • @olgert I really like this a lot, well done Olgert. I find the text needs to stand out more while not making it look off. the text needs more punch while being cohesive with the rest of the image.

  • It is a poster with your description. If you suggest something please tell me.
  • hi! this is my proposal poster for your contest. I used some geometrical lines and used your given fonts and logo. I hope and pray you like it. thank you and have a blessed day! #18
  • how about this If you suggest something please tell me METRICS #14