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Project description

Gr8NiteOut, is a hospitality gifting app.

I need a poster that shows the below.

My app makes it possible for all your social media friends and family to buy a credit in any bar/pub/club/hotel/restaurant.

It means that your business is opened up to the world.

It also means that when a customer walks into your business using the  Gr8NiteOut app, all their family & social media friends comes with them.

On average we have 300 social media friends, these friends can now buy a drink or a meal 

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  • Give feedback. # 1 # 3 # 5
    Your input is very useful for the design you want
  • Give feedback. #1 #3 #5
    Your input is very useful for the design you want
  • Hi, #10 I dont like the colour, yellow, also its a gifting app, drinks and meals, use the credits just like cash, from a round of drinks to a bottle of champagne to an anniversary meal, use to upgrade your room.
  • #10 Hope you like it. Give Feedback.
  • #10 Hope you like it. Give Feedback.
  • Please give a feedback for the design #7
  • No long text, bullet points are better. Designs look exactly like my other poster. I want something different, keep the mobile phone. Maybe a screen grab of the app, free download on iOS and android
  • This is simple logo #4
  • Hi, it's for an A2 size poster
  • Can you, please, provide size of poster?