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Winning design #25 by nn4s, Poster Design for HSG Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nn4s

Project description

poster for trade show 10' booth. has four panels that are 27.5 inches each. we want it to be one large picture.

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  • About #38, I have used low res. image for demo purpose, If wins, I will use high res. image. thanking you.
  • Please don't close contest before deadline. Thank you
  • Can you make this contest blind???
  • Like my entry? not too busy or too much detail. just a sign that says 'hotel' with a line that says 'for managers and owners'. when they see this sign they'll go 'wow! and how do they do it? what are their services? and that's how you'll get visitors at your booth.. not passer-bys'. the color scheme is very contrasting and this way is more eye-catching.

    kindly review my wonderful design and let me know what your thoughts are and i'll continue trying my best.

    Thank you, Sivash #26
  • Hi there, let me know what you think of the new design with your changes applied. Thanks! #25
  • I don't get the size. is it 10' by 27.5"? or four times 27.5" in a square which would be 55" by 55"? or 10' by 55"?

    And should i find the need to use stock imagery in my design, would it be ok for you to purchase the licence for these images?

    And also, is the color scheme of your brand fixed to that of the website or can we use other?

    Thank you
    • @newlightdesigns.001 it is 4 times 27.5 at 10 ft height. we can purchase license for images. color scheme is not fixed. thanks.

    • @sarahw OK. GOT MORE TIME CAN SPARE?

    • @newlightdesigns.001 don't understand question?

    • @sarahw Your contest ends in 17 minutes. Do you have more time can offer? Can you extend the time of the contest if you wish to have more entries?

  • Hi there! I've updated the design to be the correct dimensions. Let me know if you'd like any changes made. Thanks! #15
    • @nn4s hi! thanks. we would like to get rid of gift essentials section and instead have picture showing service related (such as full size person in it. also, it looks a little busy. how can we clean it up a bit. thanks.

    • @nn4s as another option. can you get rid of pictures on the bottom and get a better more service oriented picture for first one on top?

  • hi! nice clean design. we would like to get rid of guest necessities section and show some type of full size picture of person providing minibar service.
    • @sarahw Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, has changed as requested #23. Hope it meet your needs. please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers

  • let me know your opinion about this entery
    thanks #20
    • @sajad hi! can you get rid of third section, expand first 2 and change second picture to show software on ipad instead. and first picture should show service. thanks.

  • HI All, I am not looking for a logo. I am looking for design of a booth. Thanks.
  • Hello there, if there's any changes you would like to see please let me know. Thank you! #13
    • Hi! the booth is 10 feet high and each panel is 27.5 inches wide. the picture you made is square panels. also, there won't be a seam in the picture. Nice job.

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