Sajad got what I was looking for right away, there were very few changes needed after the first draft. Great artist.

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designed by sajad

Project description

Ink Life Tour is a tattoo and Music Festival . We are looking for a two sided flyer. I attached one of our previous flyers so you can get the idea of what we are looking for.

Feel free to use the logo or not Im sending you the logo anyway, feel free to use your discretion. There female zombie characters are can also be used at your discretion.

Ink life Tour
Tattoo and Music Festival

Bullet Points
The worlds sickest human suspension show!
Side shows for the kids!
Hosted By Sinister Sixx!
Industry Vendors
Food and Beer!
All Ages. 12 and under are free.

Date Feb 17-19, 2017, Amarillo TX. Venue Amarillo Civic Center.

We need a section for Friday musical headliner Quiet Riot and support act Blackfoot. Saturday Headliner Hatebreed and support Otep  Free tattoo Sunday graphic for Sunday section

This section can be primarily the back side of the flyer 200 top tattoo artists like Brandon Albus, (eyeball tattoo, owl/eye and lion). Cody Hennings (Traditional eagle chest, eagle snake sleeve, lighthouse), Liz Venom (bright red rose,white rose with blackberries, Billie Joe Armstrong greenway portrait and lantern). Elmo (red venom, Sith, and minion). and more artists from these hit TV Shows! InkMaster, Tattoo Nightmares.

All ages, kids 12 and under free

Space on bottom for sponsor logos (Fusion, Bud Light, Amarillo visitors council, Amarillo Body Art

Get tickets now at!

This is a two sides flyer, we need them in 4x6 postcard , maybe use the back for the artists features and entertainment and 11x17 poster. The 11x17 is one sided so we need to make sure most of the info is on one side. Im sending you more graphics via

Amarillo Body Art (We don’t have a logo)  “Official Host Of Ink Life Tour Amarillo” 

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  • Poster at 11.25x17.25, postcard front and back 4.25x6.25, set up as CMYK. #9
  • Dear CH,
    I have some good design ideas for your flyer but the time is very limited. would be great if you could extend the time.
  • Hello,
    Tell me if you want me to change anything :) #5
  • You're wanting two 4x6 designs, and an 11x17? Do you want all of the images that you have provided included?

    You've also stated that you want space left(?)..."Space on bottom for sponsor logos (Fusion, Bud Light, Amarillo visitors council, Amarillo Body Art"

    Are you wanting that blank, or are you wanting us to fill that in? The wording is a bit confusing. It could go either way.

    Also, I assume all of this will be full bleed? Do you know what the specific safety area is for you printer, or maybe have templates?

    • @weiesnbach Here is the printer I use and link to their specs I am wanting a 4x6 front and back, the 11x17 is the front 4x6 design resized. Sponsor logos provided go on the bottom of the front. The tattoo pictures from the featured artists do need to be in there but can be pretty small. The featured artists and pictures will be the back side of the flyer. The bands need to be on the front. Does that help?

    • @rstpeter Thanks. I couldn't get anything from the link to the printer, but I called them up, and they were quite helpful. Oddly enough, my old band played Ink Life in 2011, that was right after I left the band to go back to school.

    • @weiesnbach cool what was the name of the band? Here is a copy paste I book all of the entertainment. What file formats are accepted? We accept any Mac or PC rasterized file format. This includes: flattened pdfs (*our preferred format) tiffs jpegs What file resolution is recommended? Please submit your files at 300 dpi. What color format do you accept? We accept CMYK color format exclusively. Please DO NOT send RGB, your file’s colors will change. How much bleed does each document need? Please leave 1/8 inch around your entire document. This will enlarge the document size you submit by .25 inch (1/8 on each side) and will be cut off after printing. Other Helpful Hints: Images and Text Please keep all text and important images (images that do not bleed) an additional 1/4 inch inside the final cut line. This will ensure your image and text will be centered on your piece and much more pleasing to the eye. Borders Due to the speed of our cutters and our gang style lay-out, we advise not using borders in your artwork. Borders can make even the straightest cuts look crooked. How do I get a rich black build? Due to the nature of 4 color process a Rich Black Build will print better than just 100% black. Please set your CMYK build as follows: C: 70% M: 40% Y: 20% K: 100% Keep Blues from Turning Purple Inevitably you have sent a file as blue and received a purple printed product. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in offset printing. Since blue and purple are very close in the CMYK spectrum, it is extremely important to monitor your Magenta build before sending a file to print.

    • @rstpeter Thanks for the copy and paste, there was a bit of info I didn't have, such as the rich black settings. The band was the David Castro Band out of Tulsa. I'm pretty sure David was being handled by Axis Entertainment at the time.

    • @weiesnbach I remember you guys! You guys were great! Yes it was Axes and I booked you.

    • Did the copy paste give you everything you needed?

    • @rstpeter Yup, I'm all good over here, you might want to add it to the brief, because your 4x6 is actually 4.25x6.25(1/8" over on all sides), same with the 11x17... I had assumed as much but different printers use different measurements, and it's always best to confirm.