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Winning design #8 by ideografic, Poster Design for Personal poster: songwriters Contest
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designed by ideografic

Project description

Poster for personal use with (young) pictures of Paul McCartney, Irving Berlin, Bob Dylan, and Carole King. Can be found/altered images or original, and since it's only for personal use, there should be no copyright issues as far as I know. It's for my own inspiration as a song writer, so something maybe a bit ethereal/timeless would be nice, or playful/fun. I'm imagining black and white, but open to color as well. Intended for a 36"x24" poster, but I assume would be adaptable to other sizes.

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  • I suggest these posters to be on 4 separated wood walls beside each other,
    or it can be also all on one poster #16
  • Hi dkellerman!

    I see your contest and it absolutely inspire me, because I play guitar. Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Irving Berlin, Carole King, they are lengend and they inspire many of songwriters, singers, composers... all over the world.

    I made this poster in just 20 minutes with vintage color style and forcus on their eyes,
    And their names I just align it without rules like their a music.

    Hope you like it,
    Thanks, #13
  • here is an abstract painting done in corel painter #12
  • hope you like it ..Thanks #10
  • Here another option #9
  • I made the changes you said, I hope you like #8
  • About #5, @johnstephenson88 I actually love the photos you chose (my favorite so far) and I think this is a good idea, but it's not exactly what I'm going for. #2 is more along those lines right now.
  • I designed a poster, very very original, using the signatures of the artists to create an abstract image, it is expandable to any size, I hope you like. #2
    • @ideografic Hey I like the idea here! I'd prefer maybe a lighter gray color where you could see the faces a little bit more, and I think it'd be nicer without the cut-off lines, to give it a sense of the artists blending into each other.

    • About #2, @ideografic your design is really growing on me - if you can make the following changes, this will definitely be one of the finalists at the end:
      * Slightly less black, maybe a little more gray
      * Faces just a tiny bit more visible, but I really like the way they look more like sketches than photos
      * Remove the black box lines if possible so the squares blend together more
      * Younger picture of Carole King (if you can see the buffylopez entry, that picture is perfect, and I particularly love the expression on her face.)


  • how about lots of photos? the design is done in photoshop at 300dpi the highest possible resolution for quality print on posters #4
  • New design. You can use Full Size View to read the quotes. #3
  • hi sir, basically my concept is mixing the young artist and the old, gray scaled and a color one with their respected signatures. let me know if you would like this idea and give me a feedback so I could improve more about your poster. thank you! #1
    • @buffylopez Nice! Similar comment as I made to buffylopez, in that I'd like it more if the different pictures blended into each other, without so much of a square line between them. Love the young Carole King photo you picked! That's a great kind of dreamy expression which will work nicely.

    • @dkellerman thanks, i appreciate your comments, i will make some improvements on the design.