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Winning design #43 by nozomi_miyu_8, Poster Design for Primary Montessori Day School Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nozomi_miyu_8

Project description

I need a newspaper ad in color that is horiz. 9.5w x 6.5h. It needs to have a blurb about our school (see below) and also provide contact info (phone, address, etc.).

We are a private non-profit Montessori school that serves ages 2 - age 9.  See:

"Educating the Mind, the Hand, and the Heart" is our slogan.

About our school:

The Primary Montessori Day School is a private, non-sectarian, co-educational school for children two through nine years old. It is a non-profit corporation, founded in 1998 on the premise that our schools are best in the hands of experienced educators. We offer a unique full-day authentic Montessori curriculum, an eleven-month school calendar, before/after school programs, and summer camp in effort to meet family needs.
301.309.9532 PHONE EMAIL

14138 Travilah Rd
Rockvile, MD 20850

Color: All spot colors are to be converted to CMYK
File Types: pdf • eps • jpg • tif (pdf and eps formats are preferred)
For maximum quality, all artwork should be 300 dpi+.

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  • mock up #45
  • Hi, please give your comments on the design. Thank you. #44
  • in this one, i've moved the logo section with the picture on the left side (:
    ii hope that you like it too & if there's any changement you would like, i'd be my pleasure to work on it (: #43
  • a look of the newspaper ad (: #42
  • Here is another photo to give another perspective on the design! Thanks again! #41
  • Went for a different approach to what appears to be done in the other designs. Any feedback or rating is appreciated to know here I stand! Thanks for your time, - Curtis. #40
  • Dear CH, please check this new design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #38
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #27
    • @operhal I love how eye catching it is - but my only concern is the parent wont' know enough about the school (what ages we serve, etc.). I need a balance I guess between information and eye catching. Also - we are a school not a daycare so we have to be careful to give that impression.

    • @aowen Thank you, I understand what you mean. I will make correction and post it soon as possible.

  • About #23, @glaxon I really like this!
  • I really like the design of this as it is eye catching - my only concern is the pictures look more daycare then school. I like that she is happy, the art, etc. but we focus on academics at the school so need to give that impression too. Any images that are more academic but also eye catching/happy? #31
  • mockup #28
  • hi #26
  • This is my poster design , please follow up.. thanks #25
  • Can you please provide me the feedback for my design #24, #23
  • hii again (:
    here's the corrected version (:
    if you need any other changements, i'd be my pleasure to work on it (: #22
  • option 2 (: #19
    • @nozomi_miyu_8 I really like this! Can you take off the facebook/twitter - and remove the "our slogan" but leave the quote in the box...and in the specialized education box...just leave off "in effort to meet family needs". Just end the sentence after the word camp. Also instead of "an eleven-month school calendar" can you put "an extended year school calendar".

    • @aowen thank you (: & yes of course, i'll edit them right away (:

  • hii (:

    ii hope you're doing good !
    here's my entry (: ii hope you like it !
    if there are any changes you'd like to see, let me know & i'd be more than happy to work with you on them

    best regards (: #12
  • this is another proof for the ad , i m still thinking of a different color for the slogan not white #10
  • I like that you used our logo, etc. but I"m not sure having that image in the background is going to be eye catching enough in an ad? Also, we may need to take some of the text it seems...very text heavy.
    • ok if you can tell my what info would you like on the ad and also what image you prefer I can get it fix About #1, @aowen

    • @lizlumer I just uploaded an image of an ad that I saw in a newspaper that I liked. I obviously don't' want the exact same thing - but something along those lines style wise.

  • I hope the design will be what you are looking for, it's been a pleasure to make it.