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Winning design #338 by mazenshehab, Poster Design for PRP Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mazenshehab

Project description

Hi I'm looking for a graphic designer who can design me a sleek, visually aesthetic poster.

OK. So you guys see where we're at so far. I really like #167 but sadly I can't use that picture. I uploaded a new stock photo that I can buy. I would like the theme to be the same. I want the words slightly changed:

PRP Therapy

What's stopping you?

All natural treatment for chronic pain.

Find out from our doctors if you're a good candidate

I uploaded a 2nd picture to show what the "What's Stopping You" should look like.

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  • We have a winner. Let me just double check on the big screen. #338
  • I want to select you as the winner. Can you see if you can make the bottom line a pop out a little more, maybe a little bigger. I want to see it like that. After that, I'll choose with one I like. #314
    • @Timrodriguez22 you want me to make "All natural treatment for chronic pain " bigger or "Find out from our doctors if you're a good candidate "

  • Please make it more like entry 314. Thats my favorite so far. #327
  • Add some color. This is cool. #328
  • New entry. #334
  • Perfect. I will give it a few hours to give the rest of the designers a fair chance. Otherwise, you win. #313
  • Sorry man i mixed up with it #314
  • You're not following what I'm saying. Leave the question mark. Remove the quotation marks. Meaning - Instead of "ALL NATURAL TREATMENT FOR CHRONIC PAIN"

    Make it

  • without question mark and fit sentences #313
  • without question mark. #312
  • This one actually is the one I like. Please remove quotations. #303
  • Please take away the quotation marks. Otherwise this is perfect. #304
  • #276 - #279, #251 - #253, #242, #243, #247 why my all design got eliminated it was not appropriate for you. Need your feedback
  • Can you help me in finding out why my design get eliminated.
  • 1 #308
  • Hi..please review my design..I made using various stock photo from Istockphoto..thanks #305 #306 #307 #310
  • the color that you like :) #303
  • Sir please check this New design and give your feedback #302
  • black and white " orange lights " #301
  • Sir please check this New design and give your feedback #300