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7d 13h left

Project description

A poster 60 cm x 90 cm and or 90 cm x 60 cm

With the existing logo 

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  • Do you already have a log that you want used or is this contest to design the logo and the poster? More information is definitely needed on this.
    • @johnmichaeldesigns hello, the logo is in the brief. Don't you see it ?

    • @Nathalie_CITC yes, i see it now. It wasn't on there when I started following the contest.

    • @Nathalie_CITC i tried to make something with the information i was given, but since the contest is closed i cannot submit it, if you contact me i would be happy to sell it to you

  • Dear CH @Nathalie_CITC, with this type of brief, dont expect any entries. Please do make it more informative and give us the purpose of the poster so that we designers can design it accordingly.

    • @3blogodesigns hello, thanks for your message but I don't see what I can add. There is an existing logo and I give the text. What do you need more ?

    • @Nathalie_CITC There is no text in the brief, and there wasn't a logo when we all asked for the logo. The logo is there now, but still no text, nor description of what this is for. Are you selling used cars? Is this for a charity event? Maybe it's for a concert,, or a barbecue? I don't know. Neither does anyone else. Please take a look at the brief and realize that we are all in the dark here, and then please give us some information to go by. As it stands I can pop your logo on a black background and go with that, but I seriously doubt that is what you want.

    • @weiesnbach Exactly ! Please review your brief CH !

  • Hello Nathalie,
    Can you please provide more info in the brief (of what would you like to be on the poster) and attach your new logo?
    Kind regards
    • @Babba hello, the logo is in the brief. Don't you see it ?

  • This poster is for a festival in July but I would like to keep it to reuse it.
    the logo was in the brief.
  • I'm going to have to echo the other questions. What exactly is this for? Are you selling a project, is it an event, something else? Is there any text you would like included? You mentioned a logo, where can it be found?

    There isn't even enough information here to develop a rough idea, much less a final product.

    I'd love to fill my free time this week working on a poster, but without any more information this would literally be taking a stab in the dark.