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Project description

Company:  REVOLT TV


Target Audience:  

REVOLT Hip Hop Summit’s target audience: millennials 21-38.


Additional Information:

Are you a dope graphic designer?

Do you live and breathe Hip Hop culture?


If you answered YES to the above questions, we need you!


REVOLT wants a talented graphic designer to create a poster for an upcoming hip hop summit/event. 

There are no rules!  Just create something dope that inspires and speaks to the culture.  

Your art will be used as inspiration for the whole look and feel of the summit and campaign.

The look should be edgy, sexy, bold, polished and unique.  The aesthetic should be truly original and should embody the current state of Hip Hop and urban youth culture. Have fun!

**very little direction is given on purpose - we want you to have free reign to create. You can use any hip hop artist or not, it can be simple and clean, it can be whatever you think is hip hop. You are creating a poster for a hip hop event - talent ranges from some of the biggest names in music to folks behind the scenes. Google REVOLT Music Conference to get an idea of a similar event (there are panels, performances, parties, etc.) and go wild, no rules. 

This is an amazing opportunity for any artist who is looking to gain exposure and leave their footprint on a groundbreaking event that will shape the conversation around youth culture and the hip hop landscape. If interested, please submit at least 3 high res Jpegs of your custom “REVOLT Hip Hop Summit” look no later than 5/10/19. 

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  • Hi,there!
    It was my pleasure to work on that contest. I love HIP HOP music and one of my favorites is Kendrick Lamar as you see on the poster :) (of course I can use any portrait you want)
    The portrait glitch effect is very popular this year so I decided to use it. Wanted to add a little color but not too much so I used this colorful dust on the top. The Font I used is the one from your advertisement - Roboto. I also added the light between the words as a symbol of hope, life and goodness.
    I can add any other text and logo of your sponsors for example and anything else you need.
    I hope you like my design. Anyways I would love to get some feedback.
    Thank's for your time :)

    Dora #39
  • Another version with an open mic, step up and speak your mind #33
  • Another version with an open mic, step up and speak your mind. #32
  • Different character in the foreground... #31
  • I've done a couple of color variations, and one with an example of some rough text placement. If you have actual dates, locatiobs, and information you'd like to include let me know and I will get it in there. #27
  • Hai
    If u have any update? #25
  • pls view this, and kindly view and give some feedback to understand ur requirements in order to improve the output thank you #24
  • Hello mlindsey please rate some design so we know what kinda style that you like
  • Cool... So we have a bit of time. Thank you!
  • I will have a layout for you to check out, in about 3.6 hours. Thanks :)
  • normal version
  • Probably the heading and fonts needs some work let me know if you are interested :) #17
  • Let me know if you need any revisions :) #11
  • since no further description so this is it #9
  • normal layout #6
  • Dear Project Holder follows design with random texts. #2
  • Do you have a logo that needs to be included on this?

    What are the dates, time, location, list of artists, conferences, events, other basic information that needs to be included?

    I understand that you want some creativity here, and you don't want to box anyone in, and I like that, but when designing something like this, that information is real important because it can effect the overall layout, sometimes drastically. I'd hate to do something that you love, only to find out that there's not enough space to put all of the needed information in there.

    ...also, and more importantly, what size does this need to be?

  • I think you should tell more specific about design content
    • @afrio_11 hi can u give me a clear notes