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Winning design #5 by silyo3s, Poster Design for Store Business Hours Sign Contest
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designed by silyo3s

Project description

I am looking for the design of several free editable business hour sign templates to offer our customers.

A store business hours sign is a sign that says what hours a company is open. For example: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

These should be designed to fit ONE standard sheet of paper 8.5 inches width by 11 inches height (215.9mm width by 279.4mm height).

All winners (designs that we pay for) warrant that their designs are original works and agree that they will become 100% irrevocable property of LIghtspeed POS Inc. 

What is a store business hours template?

Please see the examples below:

  1. It should have a place to put the name and logo of the store.
  2. It should have the title "Opening Hours", "Store Hours", "Hours Of Operation", or something similiar.
  3. Optional may have a spot to put the address.


Examples can be seen here:


Contest Details:

We are leaving creative design up to you so design whatever you think looks beautiful. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept entries from residents of Quebec, Canada.

Choosing the winner.

We will choose 1 winner to get the top prize of $500. A second winner to get $300 and a third winner to get $200.

All other entries that we like we will offer the $99 prize for up to a maximum of additional 7 entrants.

To be clear, that is 10 prizes total. One 1st place, one 2nd place, one 3rd place and up to tenth 4th place prizes.

All winners (designs that we pay for) agree that all rights to their design become 100% irrevocable property of LIghtspeed POS Inc.

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