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Winning design #37 by hailionpapersism, Poster Design for Success Contest
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designed by hailionpapersism

Project description

Movie Poster Design.  I'm looking for a poster design for a feature length film in development.  It is based off of historical accounts of American intelligence agencies overthrowing a Latin American leader in his own country.  It was known as Operation PBSuccess.  I'm not looking to feature any historical figures at this time on the poster.  But, anything about CIA, 50's, psy-ops, leaflet dropping, Coup d'états or even just having an old leaflet style poster or Top Secret government file for a poster may be interesting.  Anything that looks like a spy movie with intrigue is a good start.  This movie is about psychological warfare in the 50's by US government and propaganda and black ops.  The sky is the limit on how to design this.  It has to look like a real movie poster that someone would want to see.   The movie is called "SUCCESS" and the tagline is "Every War Film Changes History".  Looking forward to the submissions.  Thank you!

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  • Way too similar to one that's already in the contest. #61
  • The movie is about psychological warfare, black ops, radio propaganda, dropping leaflets, 1950's, Guatemala, CIA, war with no bloodshed, Coup d'état, the Red Scare, McCarthyism and so on. Those are some of the elements to pull from. #60
  • I like this. Except the fist is more of a 'black power' thing. #60
  • The top secret isn't working. The design isn't working (on any of them). #59
  • About #41, @sajad This movie is about war without bloodshed. I forgot to mention this, but, ya. Perhaps we can remove the blood?
  • About #54, @fcurtis I appreciate it. It's actually pretty cool. One thing I didn't mention, because -- I guess I forgot -- but the movie is about toppling a government without bloodshed. So, I wish I mentioned that sooner. Lots of designs have incorporated blood and guns. Let me know what you think.
  • Thought that I'd give it one last college try to see if I can get some "Success"! :)

    fcurtis #54
  • About #52, @mm_jimi0311 PLease see the poster references that I liked and see the ones I don't like. This design doesn't work for what I'm looking for.
  • I need Your Feedback. #53
    • @mm_jimi0311 The design is off. It's a complete do over design. It just isn't working. Please see references provided for what I like and don't like. This one doesn't look like the ones that I 'liked'.

  • I need You'r Feedback. #52
  • This may be better for a book than a movie. #8
  • I like it but it's not working. #5
  • I like the design and minimalistic approach but something is not working. #47
  • This takes place in the 50's. This army is modern. #44
  • No guys in Fedora hats. Everyone keeps doing that, but it's not for this film. #48
  • No guys in Fedora hats. Everyone keeps doing that, but it's not for this film. #45
  • No guys in Fedora hats. Everyone keeps doing that, but it's not for this film. #46
  • This isn't working for me. #43
  • I like the concept but the design isn't working. #39
  • I appreciate it, but guys in fedora and the noir look isn't working on any of the designs. #36