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She did an amazing job - nailed exactly what I had in mind and added her own artistic flair.

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Winning design #69 by operhal, Poster Design for The Current - Documentary Contest
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designed by operhal

Project description

Don't just find a photo on the Internet and put The Current on it.  I want original work.

We are looking for a movie poster for our film, The Current,  that deals with a woman and her family going through the cancer treatment process.  This is NOT about a struggle - this is about SERENITY and HOPE - with a calm, positive approach.  

I have attached an image that leans towards what we want - a woman floating gently in water (not the ocean - a river) - relaxed and calm and at peace.  She should look content - arms out, but not like Jesus - we don't want religious symbolism.  

It can be photo quality (original photos!) or totally abstract - there are no limits!    On the attached example it says "In the Current," but it should be just "The Current"  To be clear, I DON'T WANT IMAGES OFF THE INTERNET - I want original work.  This is a project for artists, not copy/pasters.

Poster size is 24 inches across - 36 inches high.

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  • Thanks for this - her look is just a little too ambiguous - we don't know if she's at peace or in trouble, I think.
    • @contact28 lol she has cancer (trouble) but at peace about it :)

  • Good poster for a thriller :) But not quite right for what I need. Thanks for your work. #96
  • #69 Dear CH, is there anything you would like to change on my entries? Contest is almost over and just want to check if you have some corrections. Please note, after you choose a winner you still have 7 days more in finalization with designer. Thank you for interesting contest, it was pleasure to work with.
    My best,
  • About #94, @Phouii this about 4 different images super imposed not just one flat image, so it is original work.
  • Now she is in river, hope yo u like, this is final entry from me, I think I put over 15 designs lol, it has been fun, and enjoyed the experience, I enjoy doing composition work. #95
  • Great art deco feel to it, but not quite what I'm looking for. #92
  • I like the new direction - it's a great image. The problem is that we're not talking about an ocean current, which is the vibe I'm getting in these new ones. This is about a river or stream - and it's calm. #89
    • @contact28 hi thanks for feedback, the woman image need purchase rest are not copyright if make alterations can be used, in the regards to River, water in rivers is dark not bright blue why I choose sea water, I enjoy working on this project most time I spent on project here lol it is fun, I like the challenge. Wish I had digital drawing pad, drawing with a standard mouse is difficult, so might invest in one, anyhow thanks for a great project!

    • @contact28 I can swap the water to look more like river.

  • Very nice. Do you rights to these photos? #91
    • @contact28 I have to purchase the woman image for this.

  • image composition #91
  • White text.... #89
  • New direction.... #88
  • Water has more texture in this version. #87
  • mixed media #86
  • I've provided so many variations and still less then 80% rated what a bummer
    • @Phouii Sorry, but I like other ones more.

    • @contact28 Its okay, I appreciate the feedback and the exchanges it is very helpful.

  • Designers on this site tend to copy cat
    • @lynphanprachit Yep - yep - yep - I'm finding that out :)

  • SUN effect helps poster to stand out from distance. #83
    • @Phouii no reason given why it's not good? Too bright too...???

    • @Phouii Yes, too bright.

  • I like it a lot - I'm only concerned that from a distance you can't tell exactly what the woman is. #76
    • @contact28 does it need to so literal the mystery is allowing audiences to wonder and draw them closer to see?

  • @contact28
    Do you have anything else to add
    It is counterproductive to alter requirements while advanced in production process
    • @nullobject No - the issue was once I rated someone high, everyone started giving me slight variations of the same exact thing. I understand what you're saying - I will not be adding anything else.

    • @contact28 Maybe think of making the project "Blind" so that Designers cannot see each others' designs. You can ask Support for this if you couldn't find the "Blind" button. Best,

    • @contact28 I am glad you have notice that. It is very frustrating.

    • @operhal That I'm changing it, or that others are copying your design?

    • @contact28 About others :-)

    • @nullobject If you have an entry, even if it's not done, please submit within the next few hours. If I think it's something I would like to see completed, I'll extend the contest. Thanks.