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Project description

I am in need of several "lifestyle" posters that will be used in windows and on walls of a firearms retail store and training center.  If this is successful, I will run several more contest asking for the exact same thing, but with different designs/themes.

The name of my store is The Gunnery.  

Our tag line is "Educate|Train|Arm" and our mission is "To promote the shooting sports industry through firearms education, training, and sales to new shooter, women shooters, and experienced shooters".  

The term "Gunnery" is a noun and is defined as "The knowledge, tactics and skills necessary to safely and effectively use a firearm".  

The Gunnery will be an upscale firearms education, training, and retail store catering to new shooters, women shooters, and experienced shooters in a welcoming and comfortable environment.  From an educational perspective, The Gunnery will offer a full range of firearms classes that focus on safety, operation, and marksmanship.  All of these classes will be taught by experienced instructors who have been certified by the National Rifle Association or the United States Concealed Carry Association.  From a training perspective, The Gunnery will offer a high-tech firearm simulator that will be unique to the Pacific Northwest firearms training market place.  Unlike traditional shooting ranges, The Gunnery will be able to offer training to the beginner that is 100% safe and 100% realistic.  For the experienced shooter, The Gunnery will be able to offer advanced training that involves drawing from the holster/concealment, shooting on the move, and force-on-force exercises – none of which are currently available in the market place.  From a retail perspective, The Gunnery will be upscale, modern, and professional.  Think of it as the Nordstrom’s of firearms.  Only the highest quality firearm manufacturers will be stocked.  Believing that “discount firearms” are a race to the bottom, The Gunnery will distinguish itself through its unequalled service, upscale atmosphere, and focused selection of high quality, useful firearm products.

I would like some very tasteful lifestyle posters related to firearms education (safety, operation, marksmanship, personal defense tactics); training - using a firearms simulator; and sales.  I do not want a bunch of tacti-cool posters.  I want them showing men and women as students, shooters, and training for self-defense.  I would also like some that have very high quality pictures of firearms that one might find in a high quality sales magazine with some kind of shooting related text that would entice customers to come into my store.  I don't expect them to have all of the above elements, each poster should have only one element.  I will ultimately have a number of different posters made if this contest works out.

I have included pictures of two stores showing the use of "lifestyle" posters.  The actual posters are too tacti-cool, but are to give you an idea of what I am talking about.  Also, I don't know what size I am going to be needing, but it will be poster size or larger if that matters.

After running the contest for a week, I was not sufficiently pleased with any of the designs.  With the exception of a few, I feel that the "woman" aspect of the designs had got lost.  What I am specifically wanting are designs that put forth the firearms lifestyle in a manner that will help women feel comfortable and welcome in my store.  Generally speaking, this means there has to be a woman in the picture.  Generally speaking this means that anything that is even remotely sexual will not work.  Generally this means anything that talks about killing people/things will not work.  Something that shows a woman shooting and has a saying that is empowering to women is what I am looking for.

Also, keep in mind that this is an upscale store.  It must have an upscale feeling to it.  It is going to have to have a very high quality picture, it must use a refined font.  The colors must not be "in your face".

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  • And that's my 3rd design. #113
  • That' my 2nd design.
    i hope you like it. #112
  • That's my design.
    I hope you like it. #111
  • How about a picture of someone educating young children with a firearm? #103
  • The woman in the picture looks very harsh... #91
  • Font is not upscale. I like the visual space it occupies however... #94
  • This one just needs a different picture of a woman shooting. One that does not look so harsh. Also, I believe you want to use the word "Women" rather than "Woman"... #102
  • Nothing here to appeal to a woman.... #104
  • Too much text in the saying... #108
  • Nothing here that would really appeal to a woman... #62
  • I like this saying, but will be perceived as sexist... #92
  • Too much about shooting someone... Will be perceived as too violent... #101
  • This saying is missing an "A" just before the letter "Stick"... One complaint I got from a number of customers is that nobody drives a stick now days so they might not be able to relate to it... #23
  • I like this saying, but I think it needs a different picture... Maybe one with a woman with a pistol in a IWB or OWB holster... #95
  • The comment is too masculine... There is little pain involved in firearm training... #100
  • Rachel - This image is a little too sexy gun girl... #60
  • This will not appeal to women at all. The person shooting is military, and has a grenade launcher attached which is not even legal. #109
  • This is not "upscale" at all. The person looks like a computer generated person, it is totally tacti-cool, and the reference to "fast women" is sexual... Basically everything I said that I did not want... #110
  • Hers different font. #93
    • @creaxion9 This one too is going in the right direction. I do not believe you have all the words in the quote correct as it seems there are some missing, and I think the capitalization is incorrect. Lastly, the text takes up too much of the visual space on the poster.

  • This contains purchasable image. #102
    • @creaxion9 This feels like it is going in the right direction. However the face of the woman looks very harsh so I am not sure it is perfect for a retail environment.