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We did not get as many submissions as we have in the past--however the design contest folks worked with us to help ensure that we got a good product. Nasrul did a very good job.


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Winning design #63 by Nasrul, Poster Design for Charity Run Poster Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nasrul

Project description

For 23 years we have coordinated a 5K run--"The Great Human Race". This is a unique fundraising event raising money to support all Triangle-area nonprofits having raised over $3 million.  It is the largest collaborative fundraising event in the Triangle and each year 60-100 nonprofits actively individually participate.  For nonprofits this race has 3 major benefits:

- Raises money for their mission/causes
- Raises Awareness about the work of their nonprofit
- Mobilizes their volunteers

The design for this poster will also be the same design that we use for T-shirts and flyers. 
We want to increase runners, increase the number of nonprofits actively participating, increase corporate sponsorships, and increase awareness in general throughout the Triangle community  or North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill).  There is not a real Great Human Race "logo" that must be used-- the image we have on our website was just quickly developed to be able to get immediate initial information out. The design of the poster can incorporate a fun new look for the Great Human Race branding.

Event Details
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018
Location: Durham Bull BallPark
Start Time: 9:30am
This is a FUN and family friendly event. There will be local entertainment, a Beer Garden (for the first time), Food trucks, and a community info fair for nonprofits to share info about the work and impact of their organizations.

We want a look and feel that communicates a fun and vibrant event 
Attached are previous promo materials.


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  • About #60, @Nasrul
    This looks great.
    We will need the files for the whole poster as well as a file that has just the top of the poster with the words "The Great Human Race" which we will use as the logo portion.
    • @kim6 #63 for the revision....

    • @kim6 Please provide me with the actual size of the poster so I can finalized it to print-ready files...thanks

    • @kim6 You have to end the contest in order to receive the source files...thanks

  • Delete the words "Sponsored By" #60
  • please change to Durham Bulls Athletic Park #60
  • Please revise to say: Race Begins: 9:30AM #60
  • Please add the following here: BEER Garden Food Trucks Local Entertainment #60
  • Hello... Just wanted to followup with you. We like your design alot and wanted to discuss a couple of options (needed to add a couple of activities and sponsor info). We had also sent a note asking if perhaps the color scheme could be modified so it did not clash as much with our log. Is your design still available? (We are not sponsoring the alcohol--Beer Garden--it is being sponsored by a restaurant that is near the finish line and they are offering our runners a special price).
    • @kim6 Hi..You not mentioned anyone in your comment but I think is for me..If not..please ignore it.. For the design...yes it still available and for the color scheme, I can change it...If you have the color scheme that you can suggests, I think it's better... The only think I asked you if I could omit the beer garden event in the poster if possible... Thanks

    • @Nasrul , the race is being held at a Minor League baseball stadium and they are providing the location at no cost for us. part of that sponsorship is that the restaurant at the ballpark is able to provide a BeerGarden for any of the runners that would like to visit. We have to promote both the Beer Garden, the Food Trucks, and local entertainment as part of getting the Ballpark event site at no cost so unfortunately we need to include this on the poster. As far as the colors go, we just wanted to see options that worked a bit better with our logo colors (the green and blue at the bottom of your design. We are not designers so not sure what those colors would be.) We are really just about out of time as the event is in less than 4 weeks and we need to print the posters. Will this be possible?

    • @kim6 I'm going to try to update the design with possible color scheme that match with the logo....I will upload when done.thanks

    • @kim6 #60 #61 #62 these are the possible color scheme..please let me know your thought...thanks

  • any feedback for #59 please? thank you
  • How would we include the logos of our sponsors? Will need to have an editable file format #46
  • There will also be Local Entertainment, Beer Garden, Food Trucks at this event and we and would like to include that as well. #46
  • We like this design very much but need to see it in a different color palette. Our logo colors clash with these colors. we want to make a decision by tomorrow morning 2/22/18 . Also we like the T-Shirt design#47 but again, would like to see different colors if possible. #46
  • Sorry for my english. Send suggestion to poster. All as images are stock photos. Thanks.
    Running marathon: #51
  • Sorry for my english. Send suggestion to poster. All as images are stock photos. Thanks.
    Continuous line drawing:
  • Sorry for my english. Send suggestion to poster. All as images are stock photos. Thanks.
    Two businessman's hand passing a relay baton paper: #49
  • Sorry for my english. Send suggestion to poster. All as images are stock photos. Thanks.
    City marathon: #48
  • Our Name/Logo needs to be included on this design (could be a footer on the bottom of the poster). Also while we like this color scheme, it clashes with our logo logos of green and blue (see the attached logo file included with this contest or see our logo colors on our website
    Could you keep this design but change some of the colors so that it would no clash with our logo? See comments from t-shirt design #17
    • @kim6 thank you for the feedback...#47 #46 for the revision thanks..

  • See comments from the poster design. We like this color scheme, however it clashes with our logo logos of Green and blue. Could you keep this design but change some of the colors so that it would no clash with our logo? (Also out name/logo is not on this design--We could just include our organizational name and logo on the back side with the race sponsors #18
  • hope you like this. #45
  • hope you like this. #44
  • Will we be able to add a couple of sponsor logos in this space as well? (lower down in the space near our logo
    • @kim6 yess the space is for sponsorship logos or additional information

    • @kim6 please check #43

  • Thank you for your feedback and comment. please find the revised artwork for the same. hope you like it. it also have space we you want to add sponsored logo in poster. #37