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Winning design #18 by jan_van_lennip, Powerpoint Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jan_van_lennip

Project description

need hot visuals to clean up the attached files. 

Problem - our current industry summarizes adapt2 software product as "Bid to Bill".  This is just a bullet point as to what Adapt2 software provides.  Bid to Bill is an old term from the early 2000s.  Adapt2 needs to show that Bid to Bill is a small part of the complete solution.  Adapt2 is the system of record for energy companies

Attached - The first slide shows the old Bid to Bill concept.  The second slide shows current and future state of Adapt2 as a comprehensive front to back solution.

Need - We want to have hot visuals that depict the problem and solution well.  A power point we can add text to, and logos is needed.  One that we can edit as well.

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  • Can you submit one with a fourth module next to Back Office, " Adapt2 Forecasting" with 3 features "RealTime, Transparency, Reliable"
    Use Yellow scheme for this 4th column. Resubmit #9
    • About #9, @franciscovdiaz ok, I can do it, but how I send you now that the time is over?

  • Combine #7 and #18 as one entry with two slides. Resubmit. #18
  • combine #7 and #18 as two slides in one entry. I will review and rate. looks great so far #7
  • use a visual or graphic for "Adapt2 Big Picture" instead of box #23
  • Cavante, please submit another with the Big Picture box as a visual, like an infographic. I also need the previous state #9
    • About #9, #22 @franciscovdiaz
      I tried to fix them, I think that now is well.

  • Routh, change your colors in the template to match our logo colors. resubmit #15
    • @franciscovdiaz I'll resubmit the design as well as some new designs before the contest ends. Sorry about the delay, my father had a cochlear implant surgery the other day so i was busy with that .I am extremely sorry.

  • Less boxy, needs to be very different visually from attached slides with same content. #20
  • Use another icon instead of the gears to visualize "24 x 7" #20
  • change icon from price tag to something else that visually says "simple" #20
  • make the middle circle smaller...the blue items such as "Settlement Review" are big value drivers #17
  • make the middle circle smaller...the blue items such as "Settlement Review" are big value drivers #17
  • Designers make sure to create new visuals for the diagrams in the attached PDFs to depict the same information. I am not looking to have the same boxes or diagrams in the attached PDF.
    • @franciscovdiaz I've sent in some designs,the ppt is ready and i've even done the animations so you wont have to, let me know if you need any changes,icons,colors or anything at all just let me know. #12 #13 #14 Cheers :)

    • @Routh I added comments, its a good the visuals and look at the info graphics I attached. Make sure it tells a story, and you will win.

  • Highlight the added value in BIG value Difference #15
  • use less violet and for blue and dark blue to match logo #15
  • this is very nice, what is the image in the far right? maybe use solar panels #15
  • use less pink and violet, more blue, orange or purple. #15
  • Web Portal is Key, High light this component with a visual, this is the hot stuff #11
  • About #5, @glaxon
    Dear Contest Holder,

    Can you please provide me the feedback for my design #5
    • About #11, @glaxon good start, I will review

    • @glaxon need more visuals instead of boxes. tell the story from "Old Technology with Bid to Bill" to the future with new Technology "Adapt2 Bid Picture" - complete factor

  • less bubbles and circles, more visuals like the info graphics #15
  • Re-do this "Big Picture" visual...I like the Big Picture so a hot and creative Visual to really highlight will be greate #9
    • About #9, @franciscovdiaz  also need a slide showing the Prior State of Old Tech, the Bid To Bill as older technology and out dated.  A visual is needed

      We move out of the Bid to Bill technology slide to this Big Picture slide

    • About #9, @franciscovdiaz  I tried to follow your references.

    • @cavante Can you make Big Picture a visual? like an InfoGraphic? something that pops out and tells a story about Big Picture instead of just a red box