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Winning design #11 by afom, Powerpoint Design for Breaking Down Barriers Contest
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designed by afom

Project description

Energy (Eletricity) Theme Conference Template Needed. Conference Theme is breaking down barriers. Will attach photos we like, however we do not own rights these photos. Needs to be creative and unique and have strong graphics. Also use of tables and charts is welcome. Color Theme (Blue, Gray, Orange)

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  • still has shutterstock watermarks #11
    • @carla_bertoldi About #11, @afom Yes mam this file which i've worked earlier, Due to less time i've submitted this. Please provide me your email address from there you will receive my final file without shutterstock watermarks.

    • @afom You may expect my files to your email within a hour, As you mentioned in the previous message all images will be replaced without watermarks.

  • still has shutterstock watermarks #11
  • About #8, @afom Is all the format editable? I like this alot.
    • @carla_bertoldi Yes Mam, Everything is editable. Each and every elements are Editable, Re-sizable and Color Changeable. Also it's to change each placeholders by using simply using drag and drop.

    • About #8, @carla_bertoldi All Watermarks Will be removed

  • About #8, @afom Images have shutterstock watermark on them. Cannot use these with the watermark
  • Barrier: Sunrays breaking through the clouds. #9
  • Hello Madam,

    If you have any corrections or changes in my design concept, Please let me know further. #8
  • About #7, @Kunvar_Aishwary Better I just worry about the shutterstock watermark on all the slides as we will not be able to use them with it
    • @carla_bertoldi I do not own the stock images Ma'am. If you want to use them you will have to buy the license to use them from,, If you will buy them I will put them in, without the watermark.

  • About #5, @Kunvar_Aishwary I LOVE THIS! Just wish the colors were blue and orange like our Adapt2 Logo as opposed to yellow. Slide 16 with the girl's head coming through the wall is a bit odd.
    • @carla_bertoldi #7 with the changes. you may check it. If you have any other changes in your mind please let me know.

  • About #5, @carla_bertoldi thanks for your feedback! I will add more graphs and will change the colour scheme as well. WIll upload in a short while :)
  • Needs more graphs...overall good!
  • Where is the theme?? I see electricity but no breaking down barriers? #6
  • This isn't what we are looking for... too much "energy" not enough "breaking down barriers" #4
  • Resized and edited (2d submission). #6
  • Another go at at. #4
  • This isn't really what we are going for. Looks like track and field pole vaulting #3
    • @carla_bertoldi Just following the theme direction, "breaking down barriers". Can you give a little more specific direction. I see in other submissions photos of (brick wall toppling), (a hammer and safety helmet) etc. none of which, to me, link to Electronics, but do lend to the message of overcoming obstacles. Thus my submission of conquering barriers in my pole vaulter. Are you needing a montage of photo clips that suggest barriers that are coming down? Please advise if you are needing graphic symbolism in photographic layout. If it is photos, this isn't my forte. I hope I'm not being too curt in my request. Thank you for any recommendations and I wish you success in your endeavor.

  • Different slides don't really seem to flow. They have different color schemes and themes. We need something more cohesive #2
    • @carla_bertoldi So you like to have the theme as to flow in logo color, Since as you said (Blue, Grey, Orange)

  • About #1, @carla_bertoldi thanks for your feedback... I will do the changes soon.. :)
  • some of these slides don't match the theme at all. Need to all have same color and breaking down barrier theme. I do not like the "what we do", "our market" or the last slide
  • Trying to keep it simple (less is more). I don't like to use photos unless I purchase them. Keys: breaking records/barriers, atom symbol. I didn't use color scheme, all are adaptable. Font : Agnes std. can convert to outline vector. Please advise. Thus is fun isn't it? #3
  • Hello Carla,

    More has to come, if you have any suggestions or changes. Please let me know.
    Used stock images are from shutterstock #2