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Winning design #13 by imazing, Powerpoint Design for Investortools, Inc. Contest
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designed by imazing

Project description

Our company is interested in creating a more fresh looking power point template, which our company can use for many different purposes including conferences, pitch decks, and internal client educational slides.  

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  • This is a good slide title. I see you actually looked at our website to grab the product names. Nice. #8
  • This is an intriguing slide. I think slide #1 does not make sense for our business. #8
  • I like this picture, but it doesn't look like it goes with bond portfolio management financial software. #2
  • I'm not a big fan of the building with the title slide. #2
  • I know you said you can change the color, so perhaps we should try that. Just so you know, I personally like this color. And I like the grey / black with the color. If it was me, I'd pick a color like this. But since we're stuck with blue on our logo, I can't go with a color like this. You might consider trying a color closer to our existing logo. But it doesn't have to be the same color as the logo (in fact I prefer that it not be the same color) - but some tones that go with that color would be OK. #2
  • If we were looking for two simple and clean pages, these would be nice. But we are looking for more. I like the colors by themselves, but they don't work with the colors we already have.
  • This is a clever graphic with the chess pieces. I've never seen that before. You have some good ideas here, but I'm not sure that I like all of it because of the pictures of the buildings. #11
  • I was kind of uninspired by the slides with the building pictures. I'm not sure why, but perhaps because it is going too far away from the existing website. But I do like the way the text moves around the quarter circle. That's fresh. #11
  • This first and second slide is a nicer blue, and more modern looking and inviting, than we have with our Investortools logo. Nice work. But I think that the blue has too much gray in it? I realize our website's blue also has grey in it; I don't like that much. So in summary, perhaps a little less grey in the blue please. #11
  • You have a series of slides here, such as puzzle pieces, which could be helpful. I'm not exactly sure how we integrate them with our own content, however. How do we do that? #8
  • This is clean, and its technological. Nice. #8
  • I like this. Leaving the face out of the picture is intriguing. #8
  • I like this. I assume we could vary the picture inside the square, according to our needs. #8
  • As with my last comment, this is a fresh idea for a user conference. #8
  • This could be nice for a user conference. #8
  • Personally I like this, but I think the bookmark idea feels a little old, perhaps. #8
  • The data analysis picture with all the charts on the table, is very clever. The data analysis screen with the bar charts was just OK. For the most part, what we will be showing on our powerpoint is content - it is verbiage. I was not excited about the top slide , because it shows a person having to do analysis which our software helps them avoid.
  • @jack_kee
    How many slide that you need?
  • I like the blue. I think our company is somewhat committed to blue, because that is all over our website. I like this series.
    • @jack_kee any feedback to improve?

  • About #8, @afom Hello Sir,

    Do you have any suggestions regarding my design concept. Please le me know ?