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This needs to be 10 slides minimum,  depicting our version of the 'Shark Tank' and 'The Pitch',  combined with a motivational Workshop Symposium. It needs to feature the energy and excitement of the crowds (large/thousands) outside of the arenas, trying to /waiting to get in.  Then we need inside shots of giant Arenas packed to capacity. The entrepreneur hosts on stage.  Verbage on the slides

Slide#1: Every year, thousands of people wait for hours upon hours to get an opportunity to present their inventions. Slide#2: We are The Entrepreneur Symposium and We are looking for so much more!
Slide#3: Bring us your inventions AND your business ideas, concepts, movie scripts, TV shows, real estate deals and any other viable opportunities. [Maybe these are popping up all over the screen/ overlapping/ superimposing]
Slide#4: In the first half we will introduce our millionaire investors. Where they will share a their background and some of their struggles, successes and secrets to becoming independently wealthy. 
Slide#5: Everyone can have the opportunity to have their Concepts, products and ideas evaluated by millionaire entrepreneurs who are looking to invest... and make your dreams become a reality!
Slide#6: Every individual presentation to our Entrepreneurs will be videotaped, so that all the panel can go back and review participants they found intriguing. Thus guaranteeing the participants maximum exposure.
Slide#7: Remember, we're inviting everyone who has even the most unique opportunity, the possibility for making a business deal.
Slide#8:  Inventions are incredible, but ideas can be just as valuable I the right person hands. 
Slide#9: In some cases we're actually looking for contacts to real estate deals and unlisted properties. Consider the possibility of adult children, whose parents are considering moving into retirement facilities and need to look at renovating the properties or selling it is as is. Quick and fast. --[Here we need pictures of inventions fading in and out overlapping, superimposing, with pictures of elderly folks in state of happiness and possibly despair with adult children in the pictures leaning over them, helping them, guiding them. Blending in Pictures of homes and property coming in and out, etc.]
Slide#10: There has never been an event like this before.  Inviting product and ideas Concepts and contacts. Some people wait a lifetime for a chance like this. Seating is limited. The future is now don't miss out on your opportunity.
---(The event will be held at the Norfolk Scope in Norfolk Virginia on August 22nd 2017.)

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  • Need more homes. In renovation and brand new. Old people. Happy. Concerned Separate the phrases. Bold some. Etc. #12
  • updated design #12
  • About #11, @powerdesignstudion38 . Still missing that one slide. "We're looking for contacts to Real Estate deals and unlisted properties.
    Moving into Retirement facilities? Need to look at renovating the property or just selling it? "
  • About #11, @powerdesignstudion38 . Sorry for the delay in responding .
  • Make it read Business ideas. No bullet point in between #11
  • Make the font in this slide as big as possible without looking silly. I like the boardroom look. Do this for both versions #11
  • My ratings reflect the work done by that individual. A winner is chosen at the end of the contest. I have the ability to also choose a second place winner. So no one is out of the running unless they take themselves out. I would like to see the edits I suggested. #7
  • Phenomenal!! I'm loving what I'm seeing here. I've got a few tiny little things, a comma here or spacing there, that I want to send to you later, but it is great. No one else compares. #11
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    Thanks for extend the contest , i have been try to upload the updated since yesterday , i cannot upload it because the contest is already over . In this entry i arrange in two version with added one slide (video tape slide) . For your information in this entry the images on the left contains slide that contains date and the right side will be the one without any date.

  • @speakertom1587
    It feels like you have already selected the winner. The difference in marks show it. Should I spend more time for it?
  • I extended the contest for one week so I could see your final results. I've been impressed so far. #6
  • Place the date of the Symposium, professionally in ALL of the photos that don't already have it #7
  • Capitalize Product and Ideas, Concepts and contacts. Then use the bottom right corner: professionally, to put in 'The Entrepreneur Symposium. Norfolk Scope August 22, 2017' #7
  • I like this. Keep it and give me a second look taking out the word inventions and replacing it with Business Ideas. then the word Opportunities and so on... #7
  • Same as previous slide. Save these two and then I really want to see a comparison slide looking a little more like your next slide. Meeting, greeting and deal making #7
  • Fix capitalization and spacing. Then increase the font size for the words 'WE HEAR YOU!' #7
  • boyfriend girlfriend arguing. professionally dressed, they might have come off as a boss scolding a subordinate #7
  • simple but plain . Keep it for now but work on a totally separate new one that conveys the ;weight' 'importance' of this chance they are being given #7
  • duplicate it with a shot of real people and increase the font size #7
  • no . get rid of the color rainbow. it is not representing as a professional symposium. emphasize the importance of certain words or phrases by placement , font size, bold, separation spacing #7