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Winning design #12 by moonart, Powerpoint Design for XYZ@work Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

Looking for a Powerpoint Template for my company XYZ at work. 

Slides will likely have data, text, images, so need to optimize space as much as possibile but also want the XYZ to come across on each slide, a nice modern font that looks good with logo and a nice opening and closing slide. Would like to see a logo on white and a logo on black option (main background of slides though should not be black)

X Y Z at work. X Y Z refers to the different generations. Generation X, Generation Y (or Millennials) and Generation Z (the latest generation). I am a multigenerational expert and speaker on the topic of Multigenerational Workforce - aka multiple generations working together (the older Baby Boomers, the recent Millennials, and now companies need to prepare for Gen Z). The new generations have caused a real revolution in the workplace, with their expectation of having flexibility, worklife balance, mentoring etc and understanding how to engage them and communicate them will be super important for companies. The collateral needs to be fresh since it addresses further generations in the workplace, fun but relatable.

Already have the logo. 

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  • can you make this logo bigger? #12
    • @selva79 Hello ch, i have make the changes done, contest time is expired, if you award me contest 7 more days for revision & finalizing the design thanks

  • can you make this logo bigger? #12
  • can you make the @work white? #12
  • can you make the @work white? #12
  • Hello ch, please check both slides ppt uploaded. #17
  • The bigger logo on the lsat two slides was fine. Can you change back to bigger logo for the last slide and the other on at the end that is black and white with the wave #12
  • Dear, Contest Holder. This is a design I made for you, i designed it to look clean and modern with strong elements showing your logo. There are plenty of space for your content which will be easier for you to adapt any content into the layout. Hope this answers your needs. #15
  • Can you add something to this design to make the titles on each slide stand out a bit? #11
    • @selva79 Hello ch, please check both changes design uploaded. thanks

  • Thanks can you make the logo the same size as on the other slides? #11
  • New design very simple & clean #11
  • uploaded updated both designs. #10
  • Looks good but can u put the logo smaller on top right for the white and black slide #9
  • white background slide. #9
  • Black background slide
  • About #6, @moonart can i also have a slide that only has the black background (like slide one but without the title and wave) and one same but with white background?
  • Hello ch, please check updated design slides hopefully you will like, also please feedback my business card design also thanks #6
  • Hello ch, Please check my ppt front, inside & last title pages theme hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #4
  • Would like maybe a black line at the boom of each slide with the logo on black
  • Hello Sir, let me know how to download your logo and color's code
    • @Shahid99 Hi the color codes are in the brief. Also the logos. Can you take them from there