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Winning design #63 by adygraphix, T-shirt Design for 2014 Membership Tshirt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by adygraphix

Project description

We need a t shirt designed for our members. Please read all of the parameters: use of specific colors in our logo, the maximum number of colors is three and any design depicting a tropical bird, mammal or plant must be accurate. Our audience consists of tropical biologists and they will know if it is incorrect. The design can not include sleeve elements or wrap-a-round designs - sorry! Project description Audience: Our members (primarily environmental scientists) have the option of receiving a t-shirt as an appreciation gift for their annual membership donation. We have been designing t-shirts for over 30 years and the new shirt design is much anticipated each year. The most popular designs have included images which represent Costa Rica well, especially tropical animals -- hummingbirds, frogs, butterflies, insects. Our members are intelligent and many are experts in their respective fields, so accuracy is key. (i.e. don't include an image of of a bird found in Nicaragua). Must haves: Our logo, the word "Amigo" (PLEASE ONLY USE the ENGLISH LOGO) Our website: www.ots.ac.cr our flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ots-oet Photo gallery: http://www.esintro.co.cr/laselva_photo_gallery.shtml Tips -- avoid pictures from the BioCursos program on the Flickr account. (These are excursions outside of our stations) Design colors: Our official HEX colors are #7bc143, #fdbb30, #f26631 -- You do not have to use these colors, I'm only providing this as a matter of reference. Our logo can be changed to one color. The final design must be for the front of a t-shirt only and a limit of 3 colors. (The IRS regulates how much we can spend per t-shirt so we need to keep the printing costs down.) t-shirt color: The color of the t-shirt is open, though neutral light-colored t-shirts (white, heather grey, light tan) are preferred. We will print on Gilden 100% Ultra Cotton Tees. We will select 4 designs to be promoted to our audience through our monthly e-newsletter, scheduled to be sent on May 15. Our members will have the final say! For your protection and copyright issues, the images will remain on the DesignContest server and DC will provide us with the direct URLs to the images for insertion into our online newsletter. Our final decision will be made by May 30.

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  • This is very cute, thank you!
    • Thank you for the feedback! This was a lot of fun to do!

  • Nice idea overall. Thanks!
    • thank you for the feedback and rating. i will come up with another attempt. Andrei

  • Interesting concept - perhaps one which highlights the animal more than the word amigo would be good. What type of reptile is that?
  • Not the right design elements for our organization. The dots, paint splatters etc.. are not in line with our general look. The logo 'white box' should not be visible. Thank you!
  • hi CH, Would you take a look at my #5 design and dont hesitate to give me your comment..
  • The image needs to be central and can not include the sleeve or wrap around images. Please read full brief. Thanks!
  • Nice idea but the frog is a little too cartoonish for our group.
    • ok thanks for the comment. I replaced the frog from my design and change it to other frog that is not cartoonish. I already upload the revised design. thanks again.

  • Nice -- is this only three colors?
    • Hi, Thank you for rating my entry, I will match the nose color like the letters, then it will be three colors. nice day!

    • Good morning, please review my rework #24 thank you

  • Thank you ... the jaguar isn't typical (rare to see, but we know they are there!) but could be received well. Thanks!
  • Hi, gone with a different choice of animal and incorporated a jaguar into the design #23 . I think it's an eye-catching powerful image. hope you like it, looking forward to your feedback.
  • Hi everyone -- thank you again for sharing your talents with us. We are so appreciative of the time and effort you are giving this project. As the weekend approaches, I will probably not have time to review all of the submitted designs but want you to know that I will definitely be reviewing them the rest of today and first thing on Monday morning. Again, thank you and please don't hesitate to ask questions. I want this to be a positive experience for everyone!
  • Nice -- thanks for the changes!
  • Very nice -- Can you remove the crown and take the word AMIGO our of the design (place it on the t-shirt)?
  • Hello CH, About #19 #20 #21 I used three striking colors to define better design. Orange, Light Green and Black (for shadows). Frog friendly winks. The arm is tattooed with the word amigo. Details are for connoisseurs biologists. Crown Prince Charming reserved for ladies. It can be done without the crown for men. Not involve any higher cost. All elements are vector! Best regards!
  • Cute -- can you try a font that isn't as 'bubbly'?
    • ok. I will change the font that is not as bubbly like the font I use, I will use other font that will blend with my design. thanks.

  • Is this only three colors?
    • i will repost the design without the orange, and it will be a 3 color

  • Hey, I have started working on a design, it will not let me post it, but It is still very much I work in progress. I didn't want to vectorize it and finalize it until I got your opinion. http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/2372/amigogl.jpg All the images are still very much open to tweaking, but I wanted to get your opinion on the concept. I was going through your website and saw a lot of pictures of scientists and members of your group walking around forests, jungles, etc. with cameras, safari hats, and walking sticks, so I decided to make a character of a costa rican frog as a member of your group. The text is still open for change, I am still deciding what it should look like, although I don't think I will use font, it will be hand drawn. Your logo will go on the frogs hat. The thing at the bottom is a stick/tree branch, which will be more evident in the final version. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks, Alex Hartwell
    • Thanks -- It isn't a bad concept but it is probably too 'cute' for our group. They tend to be more attracted to scientifically accurate designs.

  • Not bad -- our logo needs to to be incorporated. Perhaps consider using the leaf from our logo and accurate coloring of the frog.
  • HI everyone -- thank you so much for your entries. As a reminder.... we can only have design elements on the front and centered. Here is our website: www.ots.ac.cr if you want to see the type of organization we are! Hope that helps!
  • SOrry - no design elements on the back.