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Winning design #30 by sjkelly07, T-shirt Design for 369th Harlem Hellfighters Contest
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designed by sjkelly07

Project description

We need a high impact design that incorporates our unit history with an aggressive modern look. The 369th is the most decorated Army unit of World War 1. 2014 marks the 100th year anniversary of World War 1. We are looking for a design that will showcase the historic WW1 Hellfighter Soldier back to back with a modern day Hellfighter Army Soldier. Two Soldiers back to back over our unit logo with a modern design that showcases the patriotism and symbolism of out unit pride. Feel free to be creative; this t-shirt will be worn by Soldiers all over the world. Unit motto: Don’t Tread On Me! Would like text that states 100th year anniversary of World War 1 – 1914-2014 “The Year of the Hellfighter” A small logo with Harlem Hellfighter text on the left front chest, a army US stars and stripes flag on the right shoulder. This shirt will be printed on Army tan military undershirt so Soldiers can wear under their uniform. Files attached should be used as a reference. The back to back design is the look we are looking for against the logo "RATTLESNAKE" backdrop. NOTE: The soldiers "back to back picture" are a reference to the pose only; we are looking for the pose with a 1914 Hellfighter and a Modern US Soldier. the FIRESTORM pic shows fire beneath the warrior; please incorporate a similiar look into the design. NOTE: The 369th Harlem Hellfighters are the focus of Max Brook’s upcoming graphic novel releasing 1 APR 2014.

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  • Can you put the silhouettes back to back on top of the rattlesnake with flames underneath enhancing the image?
  • Designers; please look at the new uploaded picture it shows a 1914 Hellfighter. Use this with a modern American Soldier to create the image. The previous image loaded with Soldiers was only a representation of the pose needed. We are looking for original art.
  • Concept is on track; though the two Soldiers you used was from an example to show the pose. I am looking for art with a 1914 Harlem Hellfighter and a modern American Soldier back to back. Also flames underneath their feet would be cool.
  • Hi CH, please find my latest entry #21, #22, I have tried to incorporate the flames and the rattler within the design. Regards SJK
    • Can you use this design and put Harlem Hellfighters instead of The Year of the Hellfighter just to see what it looks like?

    • Thanks for the ratings and feedback, please find entry #25, #26. Further requests welcome. SJK

  • Hi CH, please find a different interpritation on the brief with entry #23, #24. All the best SJK
    • I like the different interpretations.

  • I am looking for a design that shows the 100 year historical transition between Soldiers. Also the unit logo must be used.
  • sjkelly07 I like the edgy patches. The main graphic, is there anyway you can make that more aggressive and maybe put the rattler in the center?
    • Hi CH, thank you for the feedback, please find a revised design #12, #13. Thanks SJK

    • I like it but for some reason I feel the rattler should be in the center. Is there anyway you can do that? Also the splotch; can you expand it or make it flame like; symbolizing the hellfighter?

    • I have tweaked it slightly to have the rattler going through the main image #14, #15. I'll see what I can do with your latest comments. Regards SJK

  • hello , take a look about design number #10 hope you will like it if u need any change im here
  • I like the circle text; though the Soldiers, can you make one a world war 1 and the other can stay modern.
  • Hi CH. Please find my entry #8, #9. I have created an edgey current design that incorporates the 1914 and present soldier, I have also recreated the logos with the same grunge effect. The design is in single colour black because it works well against the Army tan, and would be cost effective to mass produce. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • The flag needs to be pointed the other way it should appear moving forward as if being held on a pole marching. I like the small patch on the back and the letters across the shoulders. I like the snake above the heart. The year of the hell fighter must be higher on the back or on the front. Put the back on the front with the small patch on the back with no letters on the back and see what that looks like.
    • Hi CH, I hope I understood your comments correctly, here are 3 variations #28, #29, #30. Please note I am away from my computer now until the end of the contest, but if you were to choose my design, you would have 7days to work on alterations. All the best and thank you. SJK

    • CH please reach out to me for the alterations, congrats!

  • The history of the 369th is the black heritage from WW1, can you make the WW1 represent that?
  • Can you put Harlem Hell Fighters on the front instead of the Year of the Hellfighter?
  • Can you make one of the Soldiers a modern US Soldier to show the 100 year difference? Also can you show against a tan background?
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      warrant369 {*wrote*}:
      Can you make one of the Soldiers a modern US Soldier to show the 100 year difference? Also can you show against a tan background?
      |--| Hi CH,I replaced #32 #31a soldier in a modern, one design in the form as it looks on the shirt for example, the second real-printable format.