BP Oil Spill T-SHIRT Design - Saving the Gulf

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THANK YOU to all the designers who submitted entries for our contest, and especially to the artists who provided revisions when requested, and in such a timely manner. You all are wonderful, and we can't thank you enough!!

Some terrific designs came in at the last minute, and that has made our voting very difficult. We are going to take a few more days to vote on the ultimate winner. But we know already that we would like to award a 2nd, and possibly 3rd and 4th place winners. So please continue to have patience with us, as we work out our votes.

Thank you all again for all of your hard work!!


We are very excited about this contest and look forward to wearing an amazing T-shirt when the contest is finished!

We are very proud of the extensive efforts everyone has put forth to clean up the oil and to save the Gulf. Mother Nature has an amazing ability to heal herself, and through the massive cleanup efforts and the miracle of Mother Nature, we have not seen the �disaster� that everyone feared. Every day we see dozens of Dolphin swimming, playing, and feeding in the surf, and we see hundreds of Pelicans and many other bird species� Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Oyster Catcher, Sanderling, Piping Plover, Gulls, etc. The Shrimp fishermen are back at work, and we enjoy fresh seafood from the Gulf frequently. So we don�t want a �doom and gloom� shirt � we want a shirt that is more of a �WE DID IT� shirt � through massive efforts, teamwork, sacrifice, and perseverance. We � the workers, the government agencies, the supportive nation and world, and BP � all came together to get the job done, for the good of the World. After all, this is OUR planet, and our Gulf, and it was the right thing to do.

So keep submitting your fabulous designs � we can�t wait to wear one of them!!

11-29-10 Initial Contest Info:

Hello Designers: We are looking for a complex, layered, full-of-depth design with multiple elements.... like the three examples of Ed Hardy designs below. We also like the "swirly" designs shown below the three Ed Hardy shirts... we like T-shirts that have swirls in the background of the main design, which adds depth and interest to the work. (We don't want the shirts to look like an iron-on design.) We're really looking for something that only a professional designer can give us. And we would be happy to include your signature/logo on the final piece, as we truly hope the final product will be a "WOW" t-shirt that everyone we work with will want to wear.



After nearly 7 months of cleanup following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a few of the cleanup workers want to proudly wear a T-shirt that commemorates our massive efforts. For most of us, we haven't had more than a day off in months, until this Thanksgiving holiday break. But we love what we are doing to help save the Gulf and restore it to the wonderful natural resource that it has always been.

In the same way that a tattoo commemorates significant events or memories, we are looking for a t-shirt design that will be a lasting memory for this significant time in our lives, and for everyone who values the Gulf of Mexico and all things associated with this great Natural Resource: great seafood, fishing, boating, bird-watching, dolphin-watching, "down the bayou" way of life, etc.

We are looking for a classy, stylish, modern/trendy design that does NOT look like a standard-issue work shirt with block letters.

We are looking for something with depth and complexity of design (think Ed Hardy). We also like shirts with "background swirly graphics" (or whatever the technical term is!).

We would also like a large design that may cover much of the shirt.

The design will most likely be on the BACK of a shirt. However, we are flexible on this, so it's ok to design for the front of the shirt if that's the direction your creation takes you.

We are looking for multiple design elements to be included, each of which signifies some portion of the cleanup response. For example, any number of the following elements could be used in the design:

Dolphin (desired)
Pelican (desired)
Barge Boat (boom-deployment boat - see example below) (desired)
MC-252 Boat Sticker (red circle, white letters) (see example below on the side of the barge boat) (desired)
Shrimp or Shrimp Boat (see example of shrimp boat before)
Oil Containment Boom (see example of oil containment boom below)
Cleanup Worker in Tyvek Suit
Sandy/Oily Beach or Marsh
Water / Shoreline / Waves
Sky / Horizon / Sun / Sunset

Words that could be used include any of the following:

Deepwater Horizon
Oil Spill
Gulf Cleanup
Gulf Coast Restoration
Protecting the Gulf
Preserving the Gulf
Saving the Gulf

Please note that words are not required to be included in the design. But if you feel words will tie the design elements together in a theme, feel free to use any of the words above, or your own idea.

The SHIRT color(s) will be one or all of the following, in this preferred order:

Bright/Neon Safety Green
Bright/Neon Safety Orange
Navy Blue

It is ok if your design won't look good on ALL of these colors - we doubt anything other than a monochrome design would look good on all of these colors. So don't feel frustrated if your design won't look good on more than one of these color shirts. Our choice of shirt color within this list of possible shirt colors may be determined by your design.

The DESIGN colors that we have listed are merely suggestions. You can use shades of any of the suggested colors, or use your own palette of color(s). You don't have to use all of these colors. You can submit a monochrome design, or a multi-color design, but please limit colors to no more than five. It's your choice.

In summary: We look forward to being impressed with your fabulous shirt designs, so we can proudly wear something that says to the world: I helped cleanup the Gulf after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Note from admin: You are not required to use the DC canvas in this contest. The rule of one design per entry including variations still apply. No mockups allowed. The design only is allowed in the entry.

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  • Thanks for the feedback! I submitted the designs with Safety green , yellow, and orange. I'm unable to upload the one in black since I have reached the maximum number of entries. Please mark Needs work for any one so that I can upload the same with black.
  • I can't seem to check the box for a revision... wondering what this will look like on Black. Thanks for removing the Bat Signal. ;-))
  • ;-)) Nice change, removing the Bat Signal... ;-) Thanks. What does it look like on a black background?
  • I like this a lot. Thanks for the revision. How about on Black? Looking forward to seeing how this does in the vote. I have to go to sleep now... work starts early, so no more comments from me tonight. Thanks again!
  • I'm Glad that you liked it, in which color do you want to see it? and how many colors do you want to use for print? I could use the numbers of colors that you need. If you want to add another graphic let me know too. Thank you.
  • Thank you! Yes, I like it... However, can you make the Fleur de Lis a plain black silhouette like the dolphins are (rather than inside an orange circle)? Inside the orange circle, it reminds me too much of the "Batman" signal. ;-) Thanks again!
  • Again, really like your style. Thanks for submitting this. What does it look like on Safety Green or Black or Safety Yellow? How many colors of ink for printing? Thanks again.
  • I like your style... Thank you for submitting this design. What does it look like on Black?
  • Really like this design for it's simplicity and layered depth of design. Thanks for submitting this! How many colors of ink will this be for printing? What does it look like on any of these colors: Safety Green, Black, Safety Yellow, Safety Orange. Thanks!
  • Neat design - thanks for submitting an alternate to your original submission. How many colors of ink will this be for printing? What does it look like on any of these colors: Safety Green, Black, Safety Yellow, Safety Orange. Thanks!
  • Can we try this with a different font? Let's see what it looks like with more of a "Cracked" look or a Block letter (something with some character, not plain block). And what does this one look like on Black background?
  • Would like to see the MC-252 sticker even larger than you have it on this design... but put it on the one you have with the black background. Co-workers weren't fond of the design on green background, but they liked the black background if you can make the sticker even larger. Thanks.
  • Question: What is the significance of the dominant letter "p" in Deepwater? Would like to see what this looks like on one of the alternate colors (Safety Green, Black, Safety Yellow, Safety Orange). Please choose the best one and please submit it. Thank you!
  • Co-workers commented that the dolphin looks a little cartoonish.... I kinda liked your dolphin. So far, this is a popular design. What does it look like on any of these colors: Safety Green, Black, Safety Yellow, Safety Orange? Could you see which one looks best and submit it? (The background color you chose is great, but just want to see it on the other color choices.)
  • Can you please replace the circular swirls at the bottom with a Fleur de Lis?
  • Thank you! How does this look on Black? Or Safety Yellow?
  • I think contest rules prohibit you from submitting a "mockup" on a T-shirt, so perhaps re-submit the design only. And if I might suggest, put it on a "Safety Green" background so we can see what that looks like. Thank you.
  • Hello VVictoriaaa: Thank you for the entry. I'm not sure why it is showing up as "withdrawn"?? We think it is an interesting concept, and would like to include it in our vote, so if you would like to resubmit it, please do. Thank you.
  • Sharie: Also prefer the windows on the boat to be gray like you had them before. Also liked a little more black to the elements behind the text. (You don't necessarily have to go back to the previous background, but if you can darken up some of the elements of this background, to give more punch and contrast, we think that would be good.) Also, make sure the "MC-252" is centered on the sticker. And on closer look, yes, the white background elements that you had before need to stay... for example, without the white, you can see the red of the sticker through the pier.
  • I think we like this better with the pelican in the foreground and larger. But we definitely prefer the white to be added back in, particularly for the MC-252 sticker, and we think it adds depth to the pelican as well. So it might as well be added back to the piers also. What are the dimensions of this design overall?